On the Withholding of At Least P80B in Congressional Realignments


Unmitigated gall. This best describes some lawmakers who realigned at least P80 billion from the administrationโ€™s “Build, Build, Build” flagship program to their districtsโ€™ โ€œpet projectsโ€ under the 2020 national budget.

Thus, I support the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte and the Department of Budget and Management to withhold the release of these congressional realignments.

This is one reason why I continue to support the leadership of President Duterte in spite of some disagreements with him over some policy issues: He has time and again displayed the strong political will, even against many self-proclaimed allies in Congress whose loyalty clearly lies where the money lies.

Such “allies” have the propensity to praise him to high heavens and never criticize him, but with self-aggrandizement and greed as their only motivation and nothing else. The President should always be wary of these so-called allies.


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