Alleged Links to Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez

mayor sanchez

❌LIE: “Lacson was allegedly then Vice President Joseph Estrada’s link to then Calauan (Laguna) Mayor Antonio Sanchez – who was convicted for the 1993 rape-murder of Eileen Sarmenta and murder of Allan Gomez – for jueteng payoffs.”


1. During his stints in the Philippine Constabulary and Philippine National Police, Lacson adopted a “no-nonsense, no-matter-who-gets-hurt kind of a campaign” against jueteng. He went hammer and tongs against such operations, even if he earned the ire of local officials of the provinces where he was assigned – and later, even then President Estrada himself.

2. Lacson rejected bribes from jueteng operators, and instead continued to go all-out against them – including during his short-lived stint as Laguna police provincial commander. uses cookies to give you a better navigation experience on our site. As soon as you continue the tour, we assume you accept the cookies policy. Learn more about the cookie policy we use here.