At a Glance: Issues Hounding the DPWH’s Sariaya, BLISTT Projects

Ping Says

November 12, 2018 - At the Senate hearing on the budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways for 2019, Sen. Lacson pointed out the need to ensure safety measures in implementing major projects such as BLISTT. “It’s bad enough we lose money to corruption. It’s worse if we lose more to lack of planning and preparation, or simply put, incompetence.”

In Cordillera: The lack of slope protection in some parts of BLISTT may pose a danger to motorists, as shown by landslide incidents dating back to 2009. While the BLISTT project – which promises shorter travel time and reduction of vehicle operating costs; and stimulation of economic activity – should be implemented, safety concerns surrounding it should first be addressed. uses cookies to give you a better navigation experience on our site. As soon as you continue the tour, we assume you accept the cookies policy. Learn more about the cookie policy we use here.