At the Confirmation Hearing of DA Sec. William Dar


At the Commission on Appointments’ confirmation hearing for DA Sec. William Dar, Sen. Lacson asked policy questions involving problems in the agricultural sector, including possible corruption in the distribution of defective farm equipment. “Without doubt, you are more than qualified and very competent to head this Department,” he told Sec. Dar before asking his questions.

Apparently there is corruption involved. Without pointing fingers, if some officials of DA distributed equipment to farmers … (the equipment) were defective, with prices ranging from P300,000 to P1 million per unit. My question, ilan ang pulled out? Papa-repair pa ito? Will you run after the supplier?”

Year in and year out, we will scrutinize the budget, and we hear of equipment gone to waste. Paki-submit sa amin sa January initial report and (ang full report) probably March or April.”

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