Did the Senate slash funds for ‘Build, Build, Build’ and other programs when it removed some funds from the DPWH's 2019 budget?


❌LIE: “The Senate slashed funds for ‘Build, Build, Build’ and other programs when it ‘unilaterally’ removed funds such as P17 billion for right-of-way projects for the 2019 budget of the DPWH.”


1. During the deliberations on the 2019 DPWH budget, Sen. Lacson raised the matter of RROW appropriations, including its implementation. It was during the interpellations that the DPWH disclosed, through Senate finance panel chairperson Loren Legarda, that there are still funds for RROW from its FY 2018 appropriations that have yet to be utilized, and the DPWH said it does not need P20 billion for 2019. Thus, Sen. Lacson submitted as an amendment to reduce the DPWH RROW budget.

2. It is the House leadership that threatened to cripple the “Build, Build, Build” program when it slashed P72.319 billion from the DPWH’s Major Final Output 1 and 2.

3. A full list of the institutional amendments Sen. Lacson proposed to the budget may be found here.

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