‘Fugitive from Injustice’: The Dacer-Corbito Case

❌LIE: “Lacson masterminded the killing of publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito, and shirked the case filed against him.”


1. Lacson had been the target of the Arroyo administration’s harassment since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took the presidency in 2001. The charges were based on the testimony of ex-Police Col. Cezar Mancao II. In denying these allegations, Lacson pointed out the Office of the President had pressured Mancao to sign the affidavit.

2. The Court of Appeals withdrew the murder charges in February 2011, saying Mancao was “not a credible and trustworthy” witness. In 2015, Mancao admitted he was “pressured” by the Arroyo administration into implicating some personalities. He apologized to Lacson, admitting he had no personal knowledge on his supposed involvement.

3. Lacson never shirked the case against him when he went abroad in January 2010, shortly before an arrest warrant was issued against him as part of the then administration’s political harassment against him. Under the SC ruling in the case of Miranda vs Tuliao (cited in page 64 of the CA decision), an accused who is at large with a pending warrant of arrest can legally seek affirmative relief from the Court through a petition for certiorari and prohibition.

4. Lacson, who spent 13 months as a fugitive from injustice, returned to the country in March 2011. Listen to his statement here.

5. The Supreme Court affirmed the ruling of the Court of Appeals in dismissing the double murder charges against Lacson. In November 2011, it denied with finality the Dacer family’s motion for reconsideration.

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