Using Limited Resources Wisely:

1. From 2017 to 2019, the government borrowed almost P1 trillion a year.

2. But for every P1 trillion it borrowed year in year out, it failed to spend P331 billion.

“From the DBM website, from 2017-2019, ang inuutang natin almost P1 trillion a year pero ang unused appropriation, P331B. Di ba yan hindi sound fiscal policy. Kung kailangan ng pamilya P10K, kinikita P8K, kailangan utang P2K. Bakit uutang ng P5K? Ang P3K hindi ka naman mag-invest, babayaran mo pa interest. Ganoon din sa national budget. P331B di magamit year in year out.” uses cookies to give you a better navigation experience on our site. As soon as you continue the tour, we assume you accept the cookies policy. Learn more about the cookie policy we use here.