1. Debt up to P11.07 trillion as of end-May, and counting:

“Our national debt has ballooned to P11.07 trillion as of end-May. Each one of us, even those newly born, is in debt by P100,000. We must make sure taxpayers’ money will be used judiciously.”

2. Of the P5.024-trillion budget for 2022, P2 trillion may be for debt servicing:

“By 2022, given the proposed P5.024-trillion budget, it is discouraging to know that there will only be around P3 trillion funds left if we exceed P2 billion for our debt servicing next year.”

3. Excessive borrowing of funds is not sound financial policy:

“Borrowing of funds excessively which would later turn out unused, misused, and abused, is not a sound financial policy, as it means higher debt interest payments and imbalances on our overall cash flow.”

4. Our debt may go further up to P13 trillion:

“Lugmok ang ekonomiya natin, P11 trilyon ang utang from P9 trillion from December 2020. Bago bumaba ang Duterte admin, baka pumalo tayo P13 trilyon, from P9 trillion in Dec 2020.” uses cookies to give you a better navigation experience on our site. As soon as you continue the tour, we assume you accept the cookies policy. Learn more about the cookie policy we use here.