On Rep. Bravo’s Insinuations in Defending the House’s ‘Pork’

These are pathetic assertions by the good party list representative. If he intended to be truthful about his statements, he should not have skipped my revelation about the PHP23-billion insertions made by a number of senators on the DPWH budget alone.

Instead of flatly denying that each congressman has now entitlements of PHP160 million each, billions more for some selected few, he has chosen to ascribe motive to my long-standing advocacy against the pork barrel system that refuses to go away in spite of the 2013 Supreme Court ruling outlawing the same.

I am reminded of a portion of my privilege speech more than one and a half decades ago, thus: “I am sure to lose some friends and create more enemies in this 12th Congress. I am sure skeptics will taunt me and the cynics will mock me without end.”

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