On the ‘Juggling’ of Funds in the DPWH’s 2021 Budget in the Bicameral Conference

December 10, 2020 - The net increase of P28.3 billion on top of juggled funds within the Department of Public Works and Highways’ 2021 budget could only indicate massive realignments and insertions introduced by the legislators. It begs the question: is this an election campaign budget?

Even the multi-purpose buildings that I had repeatedly questioned in the committee hearings all the way to plenary gained more funds instead of being reduced, in spite of the obvious waste of funds due to the failure of the DPWH to implement them.

For the record, I am not questioning the collegial nature of our plenary deliberations. But I cannot give my vote to a measure as important as the national budget without having read the details of the said bicameral conference report.

All that being said, what happened is now water under the bridge. But it is high time we learn our lessons from this. (30)

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