On the President’s ‘Penchant’ and ‘Ignorance’ Claims


Duterte OK with cops accepting ‘gifts’ out of gratitude, earning extra cash from video-karera” – Is this not graft Mr President? Pray tell, who is ignorant?

The Senate media and I know that the President was exaggerating when he said that I have the penchant to comment on every issue.

Aside from from my Twitter posts, I only comment on issues when asked, and not even all the time. I play ‘dedma’ when I am not familiar with the issue. I may not be a lawyer but I know how to read and understand the law that I read, or ask my lawyer-staff when I don’t.

Having said that, the President says he is fighting corruption. I also say I am on a crusade in exposing corruption in government. If we are not complementing each other in this regard, there must be a problem somewhere.

As for his other claim, I am not even sure if I want to run for President, so I do not know what he is talking about.


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