1. Government needs to review its response:

“Now is the time for an evaluation, what the government did right and what it did wrong. Instead of rejecting constructive criticism, it should accept it as part of their planning and continuing assessment. Our aim is to call their attention to things they may not realize. No one has a monopoly of wisdom and knowledge.”

“The plans should not be limited to slideshow presentations. Pagdating sa demo, perfect. Pero baka hindi napag-aralan ang ibang challenges na practical ang application, hindi na-anticipate. Kaya dapat tuloy-tuloy ang pag-aaral.”

“The private, especially the business sector, is the national government’s natural ally. Aside from their patriotism and corporate social responsibility, they cannot afford to have their employees get hit by COVID because their business will suffer, thus their willingness to help. Should we not grab such an opportunity?”

2. Pandemic has made the 2022 elections the most serious:

“This is serious, very serious especially because of the pandemic. I think the decision we will make in 2022 is the most serious and important decision we all have to make and we should really think carefully.”

“My hope and prayer is that the campaign leading to the May 2022 polls will be a campaign of issues, and not a campaign of entertainment.”

3. Pandemic’s effect on life, economy:

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