Sen. Lacson’s Chairmanship and Membership in Senate Committees


In the 18th Congress, Sen. Lacson is chairman of the Senate Committees on:

1. Defense and National Security

2. Accounts

He is vice chairman of the following Senate committees:

1. Electoral Reforms

2. Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes

3. Justice and Human Rights

4. Public Order and Dangerous Drugs

5. Games and Amusement

6. Finance

7. Public Services

He is a member of the Senate committees on:

1. Rules

2. Health and Demography

3. Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement

4. Local Government

5. Energy

6. Foreign Relations

7. Basic Education, Arts and Culture

8. Higher and Technical Education

9. Labor, Employment and Human Resource Development

10. Agriculture and Food

11. Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon)

12. Public Information and Mass Media

13. Public Works

14. Ethics and Privileges

15. Climate Change

16. Ways and Means

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