🎥 #PingSays: Sen. Lacson’s advice to PNP chief Bato dela Rosa

“Punuan ang mga naging pagkukulang at huwag kalilimutan na dahil armado at may kapangyarihan ang mga tauhan, hindi malayong ang iba sa mga ito ay gumawa ng kabalbalan.” – Sen. Lacson’s advice to Gen. dela Rosa

On the killing of an abducted Korean right inside Camp Crame

This is probably the most unwelcome wake-up call for Director General Ronald de la Rosa. Having said that, the PNP leadership should lose no time in addressing the issue by henceforth going hammer and tongs against all rogue cops who only care about their personal gains to the detriment of the entire police organization.

Priority must be against those who take advantage of the president’s all-out, mostly bloody war against illegal drugs.

Seventeen years ago, when I was the Chief PNP, I really hit hard on the inept, corrupt and undisciplined policemen, regardless of rank, or what I referred to at that time as ICUs. My primary concern was to do justice to the sacrifices of the overwhelmingly many honest and hardworking police officers.

Director General dela Rosa knows that, and I’m certain he knows how to do it because he was one of those at the forefront of our no-nonsense internal cleansing of the police.


Lacson: Unitary tax system best for health sector under sin tax law

Health benefits and the government’s revenue generation should be the main considerations of the sin tax law.

On this note, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said the present Sin Tax Reform Act (RA 10351), which provides for a shift to a unitary instead of a two-tiered tax system for tobacco products, should be allowed to take its course.

“Whatever will benefit the health sector as well as the government’s revenue generation, I would support. Initially, I’d rather allow the present law to take its course, that is, to allow the automatic shift to (a unitary tax system), monitor and review the implications before taking any legislative intervention, but most importantly, prevent leakages in the sin tax collections,” Lacson said.  Continue reading “Lacson: Unitary tax system best for health sector under sin tax law”

Speech before the Philippine Dental Association | Jan. 17, 2017

Philippine International Convention Center

Among the traits Filipinos are known for is our ability to wear a smile even in our most trying times – to stand back on our feet even after a disaster, and recover from any adversity.

Today is yet another privilege for me. Not only have my meetings with the Philippine Dental Association been most delightful; it is always pleasant to have an audience with professionals who make possible Filipinos’ pride in their wide, healthy smiles that reflect a genuinely good state of oral wellness.

Quite a decade has passed since we first worked together, but it only seems like yesterday.  Continue reading “Speech before the Philippine Dental Association | Jan. 17, 2017”

On ‘pork’ in the 2017 General Appropriations Act

The Department of Public Works and Highways regained its slashed P8-billion “pork” in the General Appropriations Act of 2017. Not only that, it got an additional P497 million, at the expense of the Calamity Fund.

Apparently, the P8.557 billion plus another P497 million added to the budget of the DPWH, which increased by P9.054 billion (from P445.766 billion to P454.721 billion), came from the huge cuts suffered by NDRRMF (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund) or Calamity Fund under the Special Purpose Fund, which was reduced from an original budget of P37.255 billion (in the NEP) to a mere P15.755 billion (in the GAA), or a reduction of P21.5 billion.

What is unfortunate is that with massive devastations brought by recent calamities starting with Pablo, Yolanda, Karen, Lawin, Nina, to name some, most of the victims might be left to fend for themselves instead of getting sufficient assistance from the government. Yolanda for example still needs at least P100 billion to fully recover. As then PARR, I recommended a funding of Php167.8 billion and up to now, looking at the annual budget being appropriated for that purpose since 2014, the amount has been a trickle in the bucket compared to the total budget required.
Continue reading “On ‘pork’ in the 2017 General Appropriations Act”

Time for the President to become ‘multi-dimensional’ in 2017

I believe it’s time for the President to become multi-dimensional, not later, but starting New Year’s Day. Anyway, the anti-drug war is being addressed with more than enough vigor by our law enforcement agencies, particularly the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Philippine National Police, and the National Bureau of Investigation. He can still be the driving force behind the scene.

Corruption in government is one area where he can really make a difference, owing to his political will and resoluteness in getting things done. Once corruption is eradicated, many great things can happen to our country as a matter of course.

He could very well be the best president we’ve ever had if he learns to discard some old habits of a mayor and develop some good traits of a national leader. For a start, he can “Google” how to become a real statesman.

The bottom line for me is, I want him to succeed because like him and most Filipinos, I also love my country. There may not be a better gift that my and the president’s generation can bequeath to the next generation than a proud Filipino nation worthy of respect from all the other countries in the world. Singapore sans dictatorial rule should serve as a good role model for him to follow.


On China’s offer of weapons while they continue fortifying their defense facilities in our islands

We can’t be too dumb not to realize that while China offers us weapons, they continue fortifying their defense facilities in our islands.

There should be an in-depth analysis and thorough discussion among our top national security advisers and other security experts before any decision is arrived at, not to mention any action to be undertaken concerning major foreign policy matters.

The issues involved here have far-reaching implications to our people and our country’s future generations. Not one man, even if he is the president and commander-in-chief, has the monopoly of wisdom and knowledge concerning issues of this magnitude and proportion.