1. Balance of Power:

“Ang problema natin were so friendly with China, nakaligtaan natin may balance of power. Paano tayo mag-shift uli sa foreign policy natin na binabalewala natin ang pwede mag-provide ng balance of power, which is the west? Kung doon ka kakampi masyado may problema ka rin.”

2. Diplomatic Protests:

“Diplomatic protests may not be too helpful anymore as China continues to ignore the same. Further, while it is a standard document used to call the attention of the other party, China’s consistent attitude of taking for granted such action taken by the DFA reduces it to a mere point of information. That said, perhaps China would not be so dismissive if we and our allies, both in the Asia-Pacific and the west, show we can band together to maintain a balance of power in the region, including the West Philippine Sea.”

3. Pagkakaisa ang Kailangan:

“Dapat magsimula tayo na nagkakaisa tayo na dapat ipaglaban natin ang ating sovereignty and territorial integrity. Dapat walang kinalaman ang bakuna sa usaping territorial integrity and national sovereignty.”

4. Muling Suriin ang Relasyong Pandiplomasya ng Pilipinas at Tsina:

“Maybe a review of the country’s diplomatic relations is timely and called for. All the diplomatic protests that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs filed have been ignored as if nothing was filed at all.”

5. Tuluyang Pagsikap para Maging Ganap na ang Ating Arbitral Victory:

“Let us see this day for what it truly is: Commemorating a hard-won battle, but a victory still incomplete. We must, therefore, press on to complete the victory.”

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