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At the Hearing on the Water Shortage in Parts of NCR

At the Senate hearing on the water shortage that hit parts of Metro Manila, Sen. Lacson likened the situation to a “government-sanctioned highway robbery.” He also urged the concessionaire concerned to suspend charges for the construction of the Cardona water treatment facility.

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#PingSays: House ‘blinks’ on budget row | March 18, 2019

In an interview at the sidelines of the groundbreaking of the new Senate building, Sen. Lacson discloses the House has agreed to recall its version of the 2019 budget with post-ratification tweaks. Other topics in the interview included:
* Rep Andaya accusation that Senate removed P17B from the DPWH RROW budget
* timeline for the New Senate building

Quotes from the interview…
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On the Claims of Reps. Andaya and Bravo on the 2019 Budget

On Rep. Andaya’s Claims of Senate Realignments in the Budget:

There is nothing new in what Rep. Andaya said. The P75 billion he is referring to was taken up during the interpellation in the Senate. That was the amount inserted by then DBM Secretary Benjamin Diokno in the DPWH budget, and which was slashed after the DPWH said it was not aware of it.

The P23 billion – not P25 billion as Rep. Andaya claimed – refers to the individual amendments of some senators, which I exposed.

I am not aware of any single senator who has made changes to the budget, after it was approved in the bicameral conference level. If Rep. Andaya can provide more details, such as the text message from a certain Ms. Salamanca, I will join him in denouncing such practice because it is not only in violation of the legislative process, but in violation of the Constitution itself.

On Rep. Bravo’s Claims of ‘Vendetta’

Rep. Bravo’s opinion reflects his true character.

I am a forgiving person. I have forgiven those who have wronged me.

This is not about Speaker Arroyo. This is not about any congressman or senator. This is about my personal crusade against the pork barrel system. This is about the national budget, which is the lifeblood of our country.

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Privilege Speech: Living Without Pork (Part II)

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Mr. President, I rise before you on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

β€œTo See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.”

Mr. President, put literally, this proverbial adage serves as an age-old directive for dealing with impropriety β€” by looking the other way, refusing to hear and speak out, and feigning ignorance when something wrong is unfolding.

Living Without Pork (2003 privilege speech)
List: Institutional Amendments Proposed by Sen. Lacson in the 2019 Budget
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Sponsorship Speech for the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2019

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At the outset, let me state here and now with certainty that a vote for the immediate passage of this measure is a vote for the immediate lifting of Martial Law in Mindanao.

Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to report on the Senate floor Senate Bill No. 2204 entitled, β€œAn Act Amending Certain Provisions of Republic Act No. 9372, Otherwise Known As β€œAn Act To Secure the State and Protect our People from Terrorism,” as embodied in Committee Report No. 638 in substitution of Senate Bill Numbers 1134, 1396, 1715 and 1956.

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Update on the Senate’s Relocation | Feb. 4, 2019

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, a year ago, we embarked on a journey to realize a decades-old dream of having our own Senate Building. We sealed the deal when this august chamber approved the transfer of the Senate to the Navy Village, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

I stand here today not only with a renewed confidence in that dream, but also with a clearer picture of it, complete, quite literally, with detailed plans.

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Sen. Lacson Chairs the Senate Public Hearing on ‘Political’ Killings

Sen. Lacson’s Opening Statement at the Hearing:

A pleasant morning to everyone present in this hearing of the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs… This hearing is called in reference to the following Senate Resolutions:

P.S. Resolution No. 901 entitled β€œResolution Directing the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs to Conduct an Inquiry, In Aid of Legislation, Into the Assassination of and Attacks Against Local Government Officials, with the End View of Conducting an Assessment of the Peace and Order Situation in the Country and Amending Republic Act No. 6975, as Amended,” by Senator Paolo Benigno β€œBam” Aquino IV;

P.S. Resolution No. 979 entitled β€œResolution Urging the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs to Conduct an Inquiry, In Aid of Legislation, Into the Political Killings that Claimed the Lives of Incumbent Public Officials, with the End Goal of Formulating More Effective Measures of Law Enforcement and Investigation in Relation to said Cases which are Relatively More Sensitive Due to Possible Involvement of Incumbent Public Officials Who Wield Substantial Power and Influence,” by Senator Grace Poe; and

P.S. Resolution No. 1008 entitled β€œResolution Directing the Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs and Other Appropriate Senate Committees to Conduct an Investigation, In Aid of Legislation, on the Brutal Killing of Richard Santillan, Security Aide of Atty. Glenn Chong, a Former Lawmaker and Known Election Reform Advocate; and into the Recent Cases of Election-Related Violence, with the End Goal of Crafting Measures that will be More Effective in Ensuring Public Order and Safety During Election Period,” authored by Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III and this representation.

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UsaPing Road Right of Way

Kailan kami babayaran? Anong laban namin pag gobyerno? Ilan ito sa tanong ng mga may-ari ng lupang natamaan ng Road Right of Way ng mga proyekto ng DPWH. Panoorin ang kanilang mga kwento.

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Sponsorship Speech for 6 Ambassadors and Chief of Mission

The CA Committee on Foreign Affairs chaired by Sen. Lacson took up the appointments of:
* Leah Basinang-Ruiz: Ambassador to Poland with jurisdiction over Georgia and Ukraine; Estonia; Latvia; and Lithuania.
* Alex Garcia Chua: Ambassador to Kenya with jurisdiction over Burundi, Union of the Comoros, Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan; and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT).
* Ma. Theresa Dizon-de Vega: Ambassador to Germany.
* Raul Salavaria Hernandez: Ambassador to Turkey with jurisdiction over Georgia and Azerbaijan.
* Leo M. Herrera-Lim: Ambassador to Denmark.
* Jesus Santos Domingo: Ambassador to New Zealand, with jurisdiction over Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa including Cook Islands.
* Henry S. Bensurto, Jr.: Chief of Mission, Class I.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished colleagues, your Committee on Foreign Affairs conducted a public hearing this morning to deliberate on the nominations of six Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the ad interim appointment of one Chief of Mission, Class I.

After deliberating on the qualifications and fitness of the said officials during the public hearing, the Committee has determined that they are fit and qualified to be in the posts where they are nominated and appointed, and therefore ruled to recommend to the plenary their nominations and appointment for the consent of the body.

It is therefore my honor and privilege to recommend that the Commission give its consent to the nominations of the following senior officers of the Department, namely:

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#PingSays: Need for intel to prevent future bombings | Jan. 30, 2019

In an interview, Sen. Lacson stressed the need for intelligence work to thwart future bombings.

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