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On the President’s reported remarks against God

In many conflicts with his political adversaries, I took his side more than I did not, even when sometimes I had my doubts because I believed he was different from all the presidents who led before him.

At times I thought he was God’s gift to a benighted land, hoping the elusive change for the better has finally come to our country under his leadership.

Between him and my God to Whom I pray every single day and with Whom I’ve found solace and comfort in all my difficult times, I don’t even have to think of my choice. May my God forgive him and make him atone for all his sins.


โ€˜Tambayโ€™ issue best addressed at the local level

Authorities – including the Philippine National Police – can best address the issue of โ€œtambays” (loiterers) at the local level, without having to elevate it to the national level.

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson stressed this Thursday after noting the arrests of such loiterers were based on local ordinances.

โ€œIf they say, being โ€˜tambayโ€™ violates local ordinances, keep it local. The Chief, PNP doing all the explaining and justifying instead of the concerned local chiefs of police only adds up to the suspicion and criticisms,โ€ said Lacson, who headed the Philippine National Police from 1999 to 2001.ย  Continue reading “โ€˜Tambayโ€™ issue best addressed at the local level”

On President Duterteโ€™s position to have peace talks with the CPP/NPA/NDF held in the Philippines

To me, it makes a lot of sense. I have actually been asking myself for the longest time why we need a third country facilitator and venue to talk peace with our fellow Filipinos. For one, it entails more expenses, not to mention inconvenience.

Those who are in self-exile may only need a safe conduct passage from the government to move freely and safely during the whole duration of the peace talks. I don’t think their self-proclaimed “belligerency status” will suffer or get affected if we do not involve a third, neutral party or country.

Therefore, I fully support President Duterte in his assertion that we hold the peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Peopleโ€™s Army/National Democratic Front and other rebel groups right here in our country.


On the possible culpability of former President Aquino over DAP

In 2012, I recall being the first one to question the issuance of DBM Circular 541 during the budget deliberations on general principles of the 2013 GAA. I argued then that savings cannot be declared in the middle of the year. That early, I already sensed something ominous with that move of the DBM.

As it turned out, the unused appropriations in the first semester of the 2013 national budget were pooled to constitute what was later known as funds for the DAP. Worse, these proclaimed savings were realigned to fund additional pork barrel allocations of several senators and congressmen, further aggravated by the ill-timed conviction of the late Chief Justice Renato Corona by the Senate acting as an impeachment court, and in direct contravention of Art. VI, Sec. 25, Paragraph 5 of the 1987 Constitution, which clearly proscribes cross-border realignment.

While I feel for the former president, the question on his possible culpability on the actions taken by his DBM secretary will largely depend on the documents and paper trail made available to the Ombudsman prosecutors to prove or disprove his direct or indirect participation.

What is clear, though, is that former President Aquino did not pocket any DAP money, hence the case filed is for usurpation of legislative powers and not violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act.


On the ‘rule of law’


๐Ÿ“ฐ Designated Survivor Pinas style? [Abante]


From Abante: Sa isang interview, sinabi ni Senator Panfilo Lacson na panahon na para i-consider ng Pilipinas na magkaroon din ng Philippine version ng Designated Survivor.ย  Continue reading “๐Ÿ“ฐ Designated Survivor Pinas style? [Abante]”

๐Ÿ“ฐ Bagong bahay, dignidad ng Senado [Journal]


From Journal Online:ย Mas praktikal ang magpagawa (ang mga senador) ng panibago nilang gusali, kaysa ipa-renovate pa ang kasalukuyang Senate building na aabutin din ng bilyong piso.ย  Continue reading “๐Ÿ“ฐ Bagong bahay, dignidad ng Senado [Journal]”

On the PDEA’s ‘new’ drug list


How a family can survive on P10,000 a month

Actually, we can, but only if my family will eat only once a day, won’t brush our teeth nor take a bath, walk every day to and from our place of work but avoid perspiring so we won’t wash our clothes.

And yes, ask my wife to stop watching her favorite telenovela because I will sell the TV set. Ask my children to throw away their mobile phones so they won’t ask me for ‘pasa loads.’

Actually, we can survive with P10 a month as long as we all stop breathing.