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πŸ“° Designated Survivor Pinas style? [Abante]


From Abante: Sa isang interview, sinabi ni Senator Panfilo Lacson na panahon na para i-consider ng Pilipinas na magkaroon din ng Philippine version ng Designated Survivor.Β  Continue reading “πŸ“° Designated Survivor Pinas style? [Abante]”

πŸ“° Bagong bahay, dignidad ng Senado [Journal]


From Journal Online:Β Mas praktikal ang magpagawa (ang mga senador) ng panibago nilang gusali, kaysa ipa-renovate pa ang kasalukuyang Senate building na aabutin din ng bilyong piso.Β  Continue reading “πŸ“° Bagong bahay, dignidad ng Senado [Journal]”

How a family can survive on P10,000 a month

Actually, we can, but only if my family will eat only once a day, won’t brush our teeth nor take a bath, walk every day to and from our place of work but avoid perspiring so we won’t wash our clothes.

And yes, ask my wife to stop watching her favorite telenovela because I will sell the TV set. Ask my children to throw away their mobile phones so they won’t ask me for ‘pasa loads.’

Actually, we can survive with P10 a month as long as we all stop breathing.



Interview on DZBB | June 6, 2018

In an interview on DZBB, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– Bagong Senado
– need for a ‘designated survivor’

Quotes from the interview…Β  Continue reading “Interview on DZBB | June 6, 2018”

Facts vs ‘Basta!’

I based my figure (PHP4.58 billion project cost as submitted by AECOM) on facts; Mr. Tiglao based his on opinion, and said β€œBasta” with an exclamation point. Pray tell me if it’s worth arguing with him.

For the longest time, the Senate has been renting the use of its building from the Government Service Insurance System, and its parking lot from the Social Security System. For nearly 20 years, it has been paying rental fees worth P127 million per year or P2.24 billion.

Thus, the cost of our lease payments have become enough to construct a permanent, iconic home for the Senate.

More importantly, this project is not for me or any member of the present Senate in the 17th Congress, but for the future generations of legislators and the Filipino people, just like the other iconic landmarks built by our forefathers that continue to symbolize our culture.



πŸ“° Sotto, Pimentel, Lacson record perfect attendance in 17th Congress’ 2nd regular session [Manila Bulletin]


From the Manila Bulletin: Senate President Vicente Sotto III and Senators Aquilino Pimentel III and Panfilo Lacson have set an example to their colleagues in the Upper Chamber for not being absent or late during the second regular session of the 17th Congress.Β  Continue reading “πŸ“° Sotto, Pimentel, Lacson record perfect attendance in 17th Congress’ 2nd regular session [Manila Bulletin]”

On the allegations made by Bobi Tiglao

With all due respect to Mr. Bobi Tiglao, he got his info wrong. One major consideration why AECOM won over Henning Larsen, their nearest competitor, and the three other finalists is their project cost which is the lowest at P4.58 billion (if I remember correctly).

Anyway, the P127-million-per-year rental that the Senate is paying GSIS for a subpar legislative building is our main reason for finding a need to look for a new and permanent home.

Having said that, several attempts were made to find a permanent home for the Senate in the past 18 years. It’s only now, after my colleagues tasked me in an adopted resolution as Accounts Committee Chair to make it happen.

I am one who makes sure to accomplish a task assigned to me. That has always been my training and I will not back down unless my colleagues tell me in another resolution to stop pursuing the same.


Sen. Lacson interpellates Sen. Pangilinan on the draft Senate resolution on ‘quo warranto’


Points raised by Sen. Lacson…Β  Continue reading “Sen. Lacson interpellates Sen. Pangilinan on the draft Senate resolution on ‘quo warranto’”