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Merit, Not Jurisdiction, is Real Issue on Quo Warranto Petition vs ABS-CBN


Let the Supreme Court deal with the Solicitor General’s quo warranto petition. That gives no reason why the House of Representatives should not report out and debate in plenary the application for legislative franchise filed by ABS-CBN and transmit the bill to the Senate for our immediate deliberation.

As I have earlier mentioned, there is no jurisdiction issue here. Rather, it is about merits in the SolGen’s allegations regarding an existing 25-year franchise that is expiring and over which the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction under the 1987 Constitution; and the merits of ABS-CBN’s application for a legislative franchise that Congress has the sole power to grant or deny under the same Constitution.


On the President’s Threat to Terminate the PH-US Visiting Forces Agreement


The Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and United States is a BILATERAL accord that went through some back-and-forth diplomatic discussions prior to ratification by the Senate, after some intense plenary deliberation.

On the other hand, the US visa is a conditional authorization UNILATERALLY given to a visiting foreigner which may be granted, canceled or even denied outright, without need for explanation or justification.

In the absence of a Philippine Supreme Court ruling on the President’s power to unilaterally break a treaty or bilateral agreement like the VFA without the consent of a 2/3 supermajority vote of the members of the Senate, the President can do that without the Senate’s approval or consent.

Having said that, the Supreme Court should act soonest on whether the Senate’s consent is needed before the executive department can terminate a treaty or bilateral agreement – an issue raised in a petition filed before it by members of the Senate.


On the Indictment of Former PNP Chief Albayalde, ‘Ninja Cops’

I personally think that it is as far as the evidence against former PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde can go, as shown even during the Senate inquiry.

The lesson learned here is that the law does not only have a long arm. It also has a very long memory.

Having said that, the surest way for police officers like P/Maj. Baloyo et al to avoid past misdeeds from catching up with them is not to commit those misdemeanors in the first place.


Ping: Kriminal Lang ang Lagot sa PNP Fitness Policy

Magandang balita para sa publiko, at masama naman para sa mga kriminal ang fitness policy na inapatupad ng liderato ng Philippine National Police (PNP).

Ayon kay Senador at dating PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson na unang nagpatupad nitong programa sa institusyon, nangangahulugan ito na magiging mas handa ang mga pulis sa pagtugis sa mga kriminal.

Dahil sa nabanggit na programa, kikitid na mga lugar na magagalawan ng mga kriminal at sa kabilang banda ay magpapabuti sa pisikal na katawan ng mga pulis.

“If we have policemen and policewomen who are physically and morally fit, everybody indeed wins. Only the bad guys will lose,” banggit ni Lacson.

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Lacson: PNP’s Fitness Policy a Win-Win for All – Except the Criminals

The fitness policy adopted by the Philippine National Police leadership is a win-win situation for all – except for the criminals.

Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson stressed this Tuesday as he lauded the PNP, which he headed from 1999 to 2001, for keeping alive what he considers his best legacy to the institution.

“I would like to think the best legacy I left in the police institution was the discipline that I instilled in my policemen who I enjoined to stop huffing and puffing with big bulging tummies. Instead, they maintained a maximum waistline of 34 inches so they would be trim and thin when they chased robbers and other criminals,” Lacson said.

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Why Localizing Peace Talks with Communist Rebels Has Better Chance of Success


Not all local government units have the same level of intensity as far as insurgency is concerned. In fact, many LGUs do not even have insurgency concerns at all. Further, local officials have a better grip of the insurgency problems in their localities than national officials.

I would say that as long as the parameters of the national government are clearly defined to guide the local officials in dealing with the localized peace talks, and as long as they are adequately supported logistically with some degree of authority to extend livelihood programs to possible rebel returnees, I believe they have a better chance of success than what we have been failing to accomplish for the past several decades.


Ping: ‘Di Matatawaran ang Kabayanihan ni Magno

jason magno

Walang katulad na katapangan at di-matatawarang kabayanihan.

Ang mga katagang ito ang pangunahing nilalaman ng pagsasampa ni Senador Panfilo Lacson ng resolusyon sa Senado na naglalayong kilalanin ang di-matatawarang pagganap ni Police Senior Master Sergeant Jason Magno sa tungkulin bilang alagad ng batas.

Si Magno ay ang pulis na nagligtas sa mga inosenteng buhay sa isang paaaralan sa Misamis Oriental sa pamamagitan ng pagtakip gamit ang sariling katawan sa isang granadang itinapon doon.

“Whereas, this selfless act of Police Master Sergeant Jason Magno should be emulated and recognized not only by the Philippine National Police but by the entire country,” saad ni Lacson, na namuno sa Philippine National Police noong 1999 hanggang 2001, sa Senate Resolution 229 na isinampa niya nitong Lunes.

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Dapat Tularan! Lacson Resolution Exalts Hero Cop Jason Magno’s Selflessness

The selflessness showed by the late Police Senior Master Sergeant Jason Magno, who shielded with his own body a grenade in order to save innocent lives in Misamis Oriental, should be emulated not only by the Philippine National Police but by the entire country.

On this note, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson commended and exalted Magno for showing “extraordinary bravery, heroism and instinct” to fulfill his sworn duty “To Serve and Protect,” even at the cost of his own life.

“Whereas, this selfless act of Police Master Sergeant Jason Magno should be emulated and recognized not only by the Philippine National Police but by the entire country,” Lacson, who headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001, said in Senate Resolution 229, which was filed on Monday.

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On Gen. Albayalde’s Stepping Down as PNP Chief

I have mixed feelings about the way P/Gen. Oscar Albayalde, now ex-Chief PNP, has abruptly ended his police service more than three weeks before his compulsory retirement. His statements prior to his formal announcement today to relinquish command of the 190,000-strong police force have somehow diminished the redeeming value of his intent to spare the PNP from the so-called ‘ninja cops’ controversies.

Being a PMA graduate myself, I feel sad whenever fellow Peemayers slug it out publicly over issues that hit the very core of the unique and exclusive cadet honor system which has nurtured us for four arduous years to prepare ourselves to resist the moral challenges and temptations once we step out of the Academy.

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On the President’s ‘Penchant’ and ‘Ignorance’ Claims

Duterte OK with cops accepting ‘gifts’ out of gratitude, earning extra cash from video-karera” – Is this not graft Mr President? Pray tell, who is ignorant?


The Senate media and I know that the President was exaggerating when he said that I have the penchant to comment on every issue.

Aside from from my Twitter posts, I only comment on issues when asked, and not even all the time. I play ‘dedma’ when I am not familiar with the issue. I may not be a lawyer but I know how to read and understand the law that I read, or ask my lawyer-staff when I don’t.

Having said that, the President says he is fighting corruption. I also say I am on a crusade in exposing corruption in government. If we are not complementing each other in this regard, there must be a problem somewhere.

As for his other claim, I am not even sure if I want to run for President, so I do not know what he is talking about.