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Editorial: The Filipino curse of ‘puede na’ [Inquirer]

From the Inquirer: (A)s pointed out by anti-corruption crusaders like former senator Panfilo Lacson and Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, we need infrastructure that is not subject to the corrupt racket that lines the pockets of politicians and their private sector cohorts and which results in substandard projects that need frequent repairs.

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Editorial: Joining Magalong’s lonely crusade [Inquirer]

From the Inquirer: To be sure, Magalong’s uncompromising stand against the unremitting greed of some public officials has also gained support from his allies, including former senator Panfilo Lacson, his fellow retired police general who fought against the pork barrel system.

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Editorial: Save the PH from debt misuse [Inquirer]

From the Inquirer: That the singular protest comes from a former senator whose voice has grown hoarse from repeated warnings (many times ignored) about government budget abuses should not be a cause of complacency for our economic managers.

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Former PNP Chiefs’ Interesting Thoughts on Gen. Acorda [People’s Journal]

From Alfred Dalizon’s column in People’s Journal: Highly respected former Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson, the 8th PNP chief from November 16, 1999 to February 16, 2001 has this to say on new PNP Chief Gen. Benjamin Acorda.

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Known CPP/NPA fighters Magalong, Lacson vs Badoy, Celiz [People’s Journal]

From Alfred Dalizon’s column in People’s Journal: “While I share with them the same advocacy and passion in ending the insurgency problem, I enjoin them to focus on the enemy without harassing those of us who put our lives on the line while serving in the AFP and PNP,” Lacson said.

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A Grim Lesson for Rogues in Uniform [People’s Journal]

From Alfred Dalizon’s column in People’s Journal: I fully agree with former Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson when he declared that the conviction of a former policeman for the brutal killing of two teenagers in 2017 along with the resulting law transferring the training of police recruits to the Philippine National Police should help spell the end for “drug-related” torture and murder – and other abuses involving rogues in uniform.

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The Lacson-Sotto tandem [BusinessMirror]

From Manny Dooc’s column in BusinessMirror: Why not settle for Lacson and Sotto who are willing to run for the posts and ready to serve and assume office if elected?

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Lacson candidacy could shake, rattle and roll the 2022 presidential race [Manila Times]

From Yen Makabenta’s column in The Manila Times: Lacson is a plausible alternative candidate because he has chalked up a long and creditable record of service in the legislature, the executive and the police force. The exercise of power will not be foreign to him.

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Editorial: Herd Immunity [People’s Tonight]

From People’s Tonight: Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has stressed anew the need for the Philippines to achieve “herd immunity” early to enable its devastated economy to recover soonest.

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The Heroes of 2020 [Manila Standard]

From Rudy Romero’s column in the Manila Standard: Another Hero of the Year 2020 is Senator Panfilo Lacson. After his work on the proposed General Appropriations Act for 2021, he truly deserves to be called Mr. Budget. Over the years, the former police general from Cavite has made it his mission to be conversant with the nefarious operations – overpricing, lump-summing, insertions and concealment – associated with the structuring of the national budget, especially its public-works portion.

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The Outlier [Manila Standard]

From Lito Banayo’s column in the Manila Standard: Those who know the man enough also know that he would rather fight the good fight, regardless of the odds, a seeming Don Quixote jousting against the windmills of evil, fighting the unbeatable foe, regardless of public approbation or disapproval from peers—outlier if need be—just to be consistent with what upon his graduation from the Philippine Military Academy in the Class of 1971, he vowed: “What is right must be kept right; what is wrong must be set right.”

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Editorial: Need for (net) speed [People’s Journal]

From People’s Journal: From unwavering fidelity to the Constitution to high fidelity to life-enhancing technology, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson relentlessly pursues practical but meaningful legislation. Motivated by the pressing need to strengthen the country’s digital backbone, Lacson thankfully threw his full support behind the government’s plan to provide free Wi-Fi, especially in far-flung areas, and to set up a national broadband program.

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Editorial: Act of responsibility [People’s Tonight]

From People’s Tonight: As Lacson said, let’s do our part in thwarting the spread of the virus even in our own little way.

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Editorial: Innovate and volunteer [People’s Journal]

From People’s Journal: Let us heed the counsel of a veteran lawmaker and former top law enforcer.

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Gamboa Does a Ping [People’s Journal]

From Alfred Dalizon’s column in People’s Journal: During his tenure, Gen. Lacson ordered the relief of a police general who was caught playing golf in Baguio City despite his directive. That directive from Gen. Lacson made the headlines then.

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Jail the liars [The Freeman]


From Atty. Ian Vincent Manticajon’s column in The Freeman: In this context, I thus support Lacson’s bill, if only to help arrest the culture of dishonesty that pervades in our public lives, and to truly foster development founded on justice and equity and not by political convenience.

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Finally, a senator’s quality gift for Filipinos [BusinessMirror]

From Federation of Philippine Industries chairman Dr. Jesus Arranza’s column in BusinessMirror: As FPI chair, I would like to thank the honorable senator for this long- awaited boost to our advocacy to promote consumer safety and local industry protection. Kudos to Lacson for a job well done.

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From top cop to eagle eye [Manila Standard]


From Lito Banayo’s columns in the Manila Standard: His stint as chief of the PNP was hailed by one and all, resulting in the police organization’s getting an all-time high trust rating. He stopped the everyday “kotong” which preyed on most everybody, from jeepney drivers to taxi drivers, to “viajeros” of food produce.

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Ping Lacson speaks loud and clear [Inquirer]

71 Podium

From Ramon Farolan’s column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer: Obviously, when one is as strongly opposed to pork as Lacson has been, not too many politicians, particularly at the local government level, would be encouraged to support you and this support is needed. But if there is one thing Lacson has to offer, it is leadership.

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Mga mambabatas masahol pa sa linta [Pilipino Star Ngayon]


Mula sa kolum ni Jarius Bondoc sa Pilipino Star Ngayon: Mahigit P390 bilyon ang binisto ni Sen. Ping Lacson na isiningit na pork barrels sa 2019 national budget.

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Pork barrel now 14 times larger than when outlawed [Philippine Star]


From Jarius Bondoc’s column in The Philippine Star: Worth recalling, when the SC banned pork barrels in Dec. 2013, the slabs were P200 million each for 24 senators and P70 million each for 255 congressmen – P22.65 billion. Today, five years later, pork is 14 times larger.

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Senator Lacson’s lonely crusade [Manila Bulletin]


From Fr. Rolando dela Rosa’s column in the Manila Bulletin: Senator Lacson is right in deploring the pork barrel system which has become one big, stinking, convoluted mess. But it seems his words fall on deaf ears.

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Where Lacson first planted the seeds of endearment [BusinessMirror]


From Cecilio Arillo’s column in BusinessMirror: It was during his early law-enforcement career when studious Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson initially planted the seeds of endearment.

Related: A real public servant to watch [BusinessMirror]
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A real public servant to watch [BusinessMirror]


From Cecilio Arillo’s column in BusinessMirror: With scandals of every size, make and shape breaking out one after the other involving high public officials, Lacson, famously known for his uncompromising nature against lawless elements, stood alone as a crusader against the multibillion-peso pork-barrel funds, whose insatiable correlation to political patronage, favoritism and corruption is known to everyone.

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Editorial: Exemplary leadership [People’s Journal]


From People’s Journal: Lacson practiced leadership by example when he headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001. Under his watch, the PNP became disciplined and efficient. This in turn earned Lacson and the PNP high approval marks from the public. “It is second to none. There is no substitute to it that I know of,” Lacson said of the principle of leadership by example.  Continue reading “Editorial: Exemplary leadership [People’s Journal]”

Ang No. 1 para kay PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde [Pilipino Star Ngayon]


Meron ba kayong inspirasyon o hinahangaan sa mga naging pinuno ng pulisya?
“Ang No. 1 para sa akin ay ang dating pinuno ng PNP na si Heneral Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, lalo na kung paano niya binago ang organisasyon ng pulisya sa kanyang kampanya laban sa pangongotong, ang kanyang matatag na pagpasya bilang lider. Kaming mga pulis, mataas man o ordinaryong ranggo, ay hindi pinahihintulutang magkaroon ng malaking tiyan, di pwedeng mas malaki kaysa 34 pulgada ang tiyan o kaya kailangang umalis sa pagpupulis. Superintendente ako sa Pampanga nang si Senador Ping Lacson ay pinuno ng PNP.”

From Wilson Lee Flores’ interview with PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde
Kwentong Panadero (Pilipino Star Ngayon), Sept. 21, 2018
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Editorial: Reforming the PNP [People’s Tonight]


From People’s Tonight: Like other peace-loving and well-meaning Filipinos, we hope members of Congress – senators and congressmen – will cross party lines to ensure the passage of the proposed legislation.  Continue reading “Editorial: Reforming the PNP [People’s Tonight]”

PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde thanks Sen. Lacson for Senate bill transferring recruits’ training to PNP

In his media briefing on Aug. 13, 2018, PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde thanked Sen. Lacson for Senate Bill 1898, which gives the PNP full responsibility and accountability for training police recruits. Video courtesy: PNP Facebook page

“In line with the continued efforts of the PNP to reform and modernize, we are thankful to Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson for filing SB 1898, which when passed into law, shall vest the PNP with full responsibility and accountability in training and honing our new recruits and personnel as they prepare to enter the police service.

“The PNP has long been appealing to our legislators for Congress to revisit the law. It is high time the PNP take full responsibility in training our own personnel.

“Each year the PNP is authorized by Napolcom to recruit an average of 10,000 personnel to replenish the ranks of personnel separated due to retirement and attrition.”


Loose firearms are a big problem [Manila Standard]


From Emil Jurado’s column in the Manila Standard: I join Senator Panfilo Lacson, former chief of the Philippine National Police, in urging the administration to go after loose firearms and the private armies that use them.  Continue reading “Loose firearms are a big problem [Manila Standard]”

Intelligence isn’t investigation [Philippine Star]

From Jarius Bondoc’s column in The Philippine Star: “Dumb and cruel,” (Sen. Lacson) calls the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s disclosure of 207 barangay men allegedly using or pushing narcotics.  Continue reading “Intelligence isn’t investigation [Philippine Star]”

Lacson’s statement a ‘big morale booster’ to PNP — spokesperson [Manila Bulletin]


From the Manila Bulletin: The Philippine National Police disclosed it appreciated Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson applauding the current leadership of Director General Oscar Albayalde in dealing with cops accused of extortion.  Continue reading “Lacson’s statement a ‘big morale booster’ to PNP — spokesperson [Manila Bulletin]”

They Said It: Teddyboy Locsin on who’s the best PNP chief


Magandang simula, dapat tuloy-tuloy!
Para magtagumpay ang kampanya kontra krimen, dapat mawala ang tiwali sa PNP
Message to the incoming PNP chief

They Said It: Former CJ Hilario Davide Jr. on Sen. Lacson’s Senate Resolution 580


At the Senate hearing on Charter change on Jan. 17, former Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. congratulated Sen. Lacson for filing Senate Resolution 580:
I would like to commend and congratulate you for filing that resolution, for the Senate now to act on proposing or initiating an amendment to the Constitution as a separate institutional body independent and coordinate with the Lower House. (The) proposal in the Lower House may reach its goal by riding on a bullet train, it could be the second train in the Lower House faster as expected because you have in the Lower House a super majority. And I don’t think with that composition of the Lower House now will be an objective deliberation. You can even say it is a done deal in the Lower House.
In the Senate, with that resolution, you can put a brake to any attempt to railroad a proposal to amend the Constitution.

Senate Resolution 580, constituting the Senate into a constituent assembly
Senate Resolution 580 gains support in the Senate
On the higher level of discourse at the Senate hearing on Charter change

Cebu City PNP: ‘Professionalism, excellence and heroism’

From the Cebu City PNP‘s Twitter account

The best of the Senate, the worst of the Senate [Manila Times]

From The Manila Times: Two senators, Richard Gordon and Panfilo Lacson Sr., demonstrated they were the best of the Senate, at par with the pre-martial law titans of that body such as Jovito Salonga, Jose Diokno, and yes, Benigno Aquino, Jr. If these two get to be presidential timber, I begin to have hope for our unlucky country.  Continue reading “The best of the Senate, the worst of the Senate [Manila Times]”