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Privilege Speech: Living Without Pork (Part II)

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Mr. President, I rise before you on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

β€œTo See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.”

Mr. President, put literally, this proverbial adage serves as an age-old directive for dealing with impropriety β€” by looking the other way, refusing to hear and speak out, and feigning ignorance when something wrong is unfolding.

Living Without Pork (2003 privilege speech)
List: Institutional Amendments Proposed by Sen. Lacson in the 2019 Budget
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πŸ“° Senator Lacson’s lonely crusade [Manila Bulletin]


From Fr. Rolando dela Rosa’s column in the Manila Bulletin: Senator Lacson is right in deploring the pork barrel system which has become one big, stinking, convoluted mess. But it seems his words fall on deaf ears.

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Panayam ng DWIZ | Agosto 26, 2017

Sa panayam sa DWIZ, sinagot ni Sen. Lacson ang tanong sa:
– Pagsulong laban sa katiwalian
– Umano’y panawagan para sa ‘verification’ ng mga nasa listahan sa talumpati noong Agosto 23
– Payo sa mga nabanggit sa talumpati noong Agosto 23
– Ang halaga na walang ‘double standard’ sa pamumuno ng BOC

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Panayam ng DZMM at DZRH | Agosto 24, 2017

Sa panayam ng DZMM at DZRH, sinagot ni Sen. Lacson ang tanong sa:
– Hiling ni Faeldon na magkaroon ng imbestigasyon sa katiwalian sa BOC
– Sa mga maaring sangkot sa katiwalian sa BOC na nag-iingat ngayon
– Payo kay Commissioner Lapena
– Sa suhestiyon na mag-total revamp sa BOC

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Face the Issue (Part 2)

This will be a short privilege speech. At the outset I would like to thank the minority leader for yielding the floor to this representation and likewise to the lady senator from Antique.

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The Lighthouse that Brought Darkness

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues:

Today, I rise on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

Two years ago, the country was caught in a political maelstrom brought about by revelations arising from the voice tapes taken of a man and a woman, the identities of whom have since been laid public.

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