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On Legal Tools in Enforcing “Community Quarantines”

As the “community quarantine” to address the COVID-19 threat starts, the Philippine National Police should exercise caution in handling the situation.

Republic Act 9271, the Quarantine Act of 2004 – replacing a very old Republic Act 123 of 1947 – is silent on the movements of persons in the streets as it only covers domestic and international seaports and airports.

Hence, law enforcement authorities may not be legally equipped to conduct arrest unless local ordinances are available for its enforcement.

For its part, Congress may need to amend R.A. 9271 to adapt to this new normal, the COVID-19, and God knows what else would come to hit us in the future. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of its kind even as we pray that cure will come sooner than soon.

Having said that, the people are enjoined to fully cooperate. After all, these are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures.


On the Killing of Suspended BuCor Legal Chief Frederic Anthony Santos

Slain BuCor legal officer Frederic Anthony Santos at a Senate hearing in September 2019

It is another big challenge to law enforcement agencies, including the Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation, to get to the bottom of the case.

The manner in which Santos was killed shows how cheap life has become in the government’s war on drugs, be it stage-managed or perpetrated by drug syndicates.

Either way, it is on the law enforcement agencies to bear the burden of finding the solution to this impunity.


On Jovie Espenido: What Happened?

Image courtesy: Jovie Espenido Facebook page

I have always believed that the real test of character of public officials like P/Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido is power or money. Give them the opportunity to lay their hands on either one or both, and they will reveal who they really are.

I remember then PO1 Espenido during our PAOCTF days as someone who consistently performed his duty with integrity and dedication. At least that was how I knew him in the many instances that he faced those challenges. But that time, he was just a non-commissioned officer at the bottom of the salary grade of police personnel. Rising from the ranks, he held several positions of higher authority until his relief recently.

This morning, I sent him a text message with a simple question: β€œWhat happened?” He has not replied, unlike before when he would even text me with early morning Bible quotes.

It is a pity because no less than President Duterte took notice of his performance by publicly acknowledging his contribution to the government’s war on illegal drugs, easily making him the poster boy of the campaign.

Espenido’s case, if true, could be one big reason why the war against illegal drugs is failing.

Being his former superior, I hope he can acquit himself and convincingly disprove this very serious allegation against him. Otherwise, he is just one of the many others I personally knew to have succumbed to the pressure.


πŸ“° Gamboa Does a Ping [People’s Journal]

From Alfred Dalizon’s column in People’s Journal: During his tenure, Gen. Lacson ordered the relief of a police general who was caught playing golf in Baguio City despite his directive. That directive from Gen. Lacson made the headlines then.

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#PINGterview: Payo sa Bagong Chief PNP; Kaltas sa 2020 Calamity Fund

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– Priorities of Archie Gamboa as new PNP chief
– P4B cut in 2020 calamity fund going to pork?

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On the Indictment of Former PNP Chief Albayalde, ‘Ninja Cops’

I personally think that it is as far as the evidence against former PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde can go, as shown even during the Senate inquiry.

The lesson learned here is that the law does not only have a long arm. It also has a very long memory.

Having said that, the surest way for police officers like P/Maj. Baloyo et al to avoid past misdeeds from catching up with them is not to commit those misdemeanors in the first place.


#PINGterview: On Creation of an Office on Disaster Resilience; PNP Procurement Mess | Jan. 14, 2020

In an interview with Senate media, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– removal of procurement powers from the PNP
– creation of an office on disaster resilience
– proposed cloud seeding at Taal

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#PINGterview: ‘Early’ Judgment of Anti-Drug War; ‘Veto’ vs Pork in 2020 Budget | Jan. 8, 2020

In an interview with media in Lingayen, Pangasinan, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– VP Robredo’s claim that the war vs drugs is a ‘massive failure’
– Filipinos affected by tension in the Middle East
– pork in the 2020 budget
– PNP physical fitness policy

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‘Just do your job with utmost honesty and integrity’: Speech before the Pangasinan Provincial Police

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Mayor Bataoil, you were correct. While Elisa was singing (‘Ang Tatay Kong Pulis‘), I was having goosebumps. Sinabi ko kay Col Red (Maranan, Pangasinan PPO chief), sino ang nag-compose niyan? Napakagandang kanta, very touching and talagang nakatama rito. And sinumang pulis na makarinig, lahat na pulis na makarinig, definitely would be touched by that song, not just the composition, but the lyrics.

Kanina nabanggit ni Mayor Pol, β€˜What is right must be kept right, what is wrong must be set right.’ I vividly remember the first time I uttered those words was on November 16, 1999. Ang occasion, it was part of my assumption speech when I was appointed Chief of the PNP in 1999. And we hit the ground running. I chose, of course he was then ahead of me, si then Director Acop, was Director for Comptrollership. And of course I retained him, he was my No. 1 adviser, he was my mentor. Siya ang nag-author ng ICUs of the PNP. Ang ICU, the Inept, Corrupt, the Undisciplined. Siya rin ang nag-put forward ng idea na ang antidote sa ICU, AID: Aptitude, Integrity, Discipline.

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Ping: Kriminal Lang ang Lagot sa PNP Fitness Policy

Magandang balita para sa publiko, at masama naman para sa mga kriminal ang fitness policy na inapatupad ng liderato ng Philippine National Police (PNP).

Ayon kay Senador at dating PNP Chief Panfilo Lacson na unang nagpatupad nitong programa sa institusyon, nangangahulugan ito na magiging mas handa ang mga pulis sa pagtugis sa mga kriminal.

Dahil sa nabanggit na programa, kikitid na mga lugar na magagalawan ng mga kriminal at sa kabilang banda ay magpapabuti sa pisikal na katawan ng mga pulis.

“If we have policemen and policewomen who are physically and morally fit, everybody indeed wins. Only the bad guys will lose,” banggit ni Lacson.

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