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At the Hearing of the Senate National Defense Committee: Anti-Terrorism Bill

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“We need a strong anti-terrorism law.”

At the hearing of the Senate Committee on National Defense, Sen. Lacson stressed the need to pass a stronger anti-terrorism law soonest, citing signs of radicalism and extremism making their way to Philippine shores.

Lacson also strongly suggested that the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), headed by former Sen. Gringo Honasan, play a more active role against terrorism as it deals with telcos and ISPs.

Several aspects of the proposed anti-terrorism measure were tackled, including the removal of predicate crimes, making terrorism a continuing crime, and extending the reglamentary period in the detention of suspected terrorists to 14 days, extendible further to another 15 days. [Video Courtesy News5]


PingBills | Senate Bill 415, Rank Classification in the BFP and BJMP

“(The PNP, BFP and BJMP) share the common objectives towards maintaining peace and order, protect life, liberty and property, and promote the general welfare essential for the enjoyment by all the people of the blessings of democracy… This measure proposes the rank classification of both BFP and BJMP personnel similar to that of their PNP counterparts with the aim of attaining clarity of command and responsibility among the bureaus’ uniformed personnel, modernizing the same, and maintaining effective and efficient administration, supervision, and control.”

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πŸ“° Revisions to deposit secrecy law may yet see the light [Inquirer]

From the Inquirer: Two influential government officials β€” a senator with a strong anticrime advocacy and the country’s top financial regulator β€” want incoming lawmakers to make it easier for authorities to examine bank deposits for evidence of potential wrongdoing.

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PingBills | Senate Resolution 51, Allowing Sen. Leila de Lima to Participate in Plenary Sessions Through Teleconferencing

“… To allow, as it hereby allows, Senator Leila M. de Lima to participate in Senate Plenary Sessions through teleconferencing, video conferencing or other reliable forms of remote or electronic communications through the use of the appropriate electronic equipment and/or devices or medium of information, broadcast or telecommunications facilities or equipment.” (co-author with Sen. Drilon)

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PingBills | Senate Bill 312, Repealing the Minimum Height Requirement for Applicants to the PNP, BFP and BJMP

“The prejudice against height is counteractive for the benefit of the nation. Those willing to serve should be given the chance to prove whether they indeed possess the necessary physical prowess, intellect, drive and potential for the said positions.” (co-author with Senators Zubiri and Sotto)

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PingBills | Senate Bill 255, Exemptions in Requirements for Conversion of a Municipality into a Component City

“It would be utterly unfair to the inhabitants of municipalities to forever foreclose their right to tbe benefits of cityhood simply because such municipalities’ land area and population is less than that required under the Local Government Code.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 254, An Act Establishing the PAF Academy and Appropriating Funds Therefor

“The PAF Academy as conceptualized, is geared towards making available an adequate and dedicated corps of professional Air Force officers with the proper education, training and orientation to lead and manage the complex technologies inherent in the field of aviation.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 252/253, Upgrading Barangay Captains and Tanods’ Benefits

Senate Bill 252: “The State recognizes that the mandated duties of the barangay chairmen are not commensurate to their meager honoraria, allowances and other emoluments. Similarly, barangay chief executives are not entitled with hazard duty pay.”

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Senate Bill 253: “Through the years, the plight of these Barangay Tanods are often neglected. Although they are given some benefits for the task they perform, it is a fact that such benefits are not commensurate with the risk they are encountering while they are on duty. Thus, this proposed measure seeks to remedy the sad plight of our Barangay Tanods.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 251, The Local Government Units’ Income Classification Act of 2019

“It is the policy of the State to provide an equitable and rational system of regular income classification of provinces, cities and municipalities that will reflect realistically their respective financial positions.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 250, The Land Administration Reform Act of 2019

“Land is the ultimate resource in sustaining life, and thus, good stewardship in land use is essential for present and future generations.”

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