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PingBills | Senate Resolution 352, Seeking an Inquiry on the Status of the Implementation of RA 11055 (National ID)

“Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, several elective officials are calling for a ‘full-blown’ and immediate implementation of the National ID System as this would not only aid in the efficient distribution of the social amelioration program currently being implemented by different government agencies, but would also help our law enforcement agencies in fighting crimes and facilitate key government services and transactions, among others.” (co-author with Senate President Sotto)

An Appeal for Public Disclosure: How the Average ‘Juan’ Can Help Flatten the COVID-19 Curve

With Republic Act 11055 or the Philippine Identification System Act still not ready for implementation, it is not easy for the government to trace ordinary citizens who tested positive for COVID-19, as well as those who were directly exposed and symptomatic. Making the job harder is the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173), which protects the right to privacy and non-disclosure of medical records of patients.

As an admitted oversight of Congress, the recently enacted Bayanihan to Heal As One Act (R.A. 11469) does not authorize the President to direct the disclosure of COVID-19 patients.

But if public figures like Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, Tom Hanks, Christopher de Leon and several of our own legislators had voluntarily and publicly declared they are or were infected, maybe it is time for the “man on the street” – the ordinary Filipinos – to do the same in order to alert those who they had interacted with to take the necessary measures, so that the infection does not spread further.

If their identities are made public voluntarily, even through their barangay bulletins, homeowners’ associations or any social media platforms available, then people who they directly got in contact with can come forward to be tested and treated if needed.

As an elected Senator of the Republic, I appeal to our citizens to practice that selfless act of responsibility to society and do our part in hastening to flatten the curve by thwarting the spread of the virus even in our own little way.

COVID-19 may not be like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), where there is social stigma attached to the afflicted because it is sexually transmitted in most cases. Nevertheless, it does not diminish the threat that COVID-19 poses not only to those vulnerable but those around them.


#PINGterview: Extra Compensation for COVID-19 Front-Liners; Aid for Affected Areas

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on congressional actions to address the COVID-19 threat:
– Extra compensation, health insurance for front-liners
– Heavier penalties vs politicking during calamities
– Addressing economic impact of COVID-19 threat

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PingBills | Senate Resolution 337, Asking the Supreme Court to Rule on Whether Senate Concurrence is Necessary in the Abrogation of a Treaty

“The ambiguity on the concurrence of the Senate in the abrogation of treaty involves an issue of transcendental importance that impacts on the country’s constitutional checks and balances. It presents a constitutional issue that seriously affects the country’s legal system as well as the country’s relations with the international community.” (co-author with Senate President Sotto and Senators Drilon, Gordon, Zubiri)

GMRC Measure Tackled at the Bicameral Conference Committee Level


A measure on teaching GMRC to young learners during their formative years was tackled at the bicameral conference committee level on Feb. 26, 2020. Sen. Lacson (second from right, standing) is part of the Senate contingent. He authored SB 1185, which is part of the GMRC measure.

Other lawmakers at the meeting included Senators Win Gatchalian (Senate panel chair), Migz Zubiri, Risa Hontiveros and Joel Villanueva; and Reps. Roman Romulo (House panel chair), Stella Luz Quimbo, Resurreccion Acop, Evelina Escudero, and Jocelyn Fortuno.

PingBills | Senate Bill 1381, Declaring July 2 a Special Nonworking Holiday in Pasig City

“In order to give Pasig City the recognition that it truly deserves, the approval of the proposed measure is earnestly requested (that) July 2 of every year is hereby declared a special nonworking holiday in Pasig City, to be known as the ‘Anniversary Day of Pasig City.'”

#PINGterview: On DICT, 2019-nCoV Issues | Feb. 5, 2020

In an interview with Senate media, Senate President Sotto and Sen. Lacson answer questions on:
– Oversight Committee on Confidential/Intel Funds and DICT Row
– Concerns on 2019-nCoV

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PingBills | Senate Resolution 312, Sense of the Senate for the President to Reconsider His Plan to Unilaterally Withdraw from the VFA

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“Be it resolved as it is hereby resolved, to express as it hereby expresses the sense of the Senate to earnestly request the President to reconsider his planned abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement in the meantime that the Senate is conducting a review and impact assessment with the end in view of ensuring the continued safety and security of the Philippines and the Asia Pacific and maintain the existing balance of power within the region.” (co-author with Senate President Sotto and Sen. Drilon)

PingBills | Senate Bill 1303, Science for Change Program Act of 2020

β€œWe live in a fast-paced technological era where failing to adapt can result in massive social and economic losses… In order to remain competitive in this modern world, there is definitely a need to think new and do new.”


At the Committee Hearing on the Bill Creating the Philippine Judicial Marshal Service

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At the Senate hearing on proposed legislation creating the Philippine Judicial Marshal Service, Sen. Lacson stressed the urgency to secure members of the judiciary who face threats in the course of their work.

The hearing tackled bills including Senate Bill 1209 creating the Philippine Judicial Marshal Service to safeguard the judiciary by securing its officers and personnel so they can do their jobs independently, without fear or favor.

During the hearing, Sen. Lacson cited the case of Panabo Judge Dax Gonzaga Xenos, who has been receiving “consistent death threats.” The Office of the Court Administrator said it would look into the case. In the meantime, Lacson asked the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group to provide security for the judge.