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PingBills | Senate Bill 252/253, Upgrading Barangay Captains and Tanods’ Benefits

Senate Bill 252: “The State recognizes that the mandated duties of the barangay chairmen are not commensurate to their meager honoraria, allowances and other emoluments. Similarly, barangay chief executives are not entitled with hazard duty pay.”

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Senate Bill 253: “Through the years, the plight of these Barangay Tanods are often neglected. Although they are given some benefits for the task they perform, it is a fact that such benefits are not commensurate with the risk they are encountering while they are on duty. Thus, this proposed measure seeks to remedy the sad plight of our Barangay Tanods.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 251, The Local Government Units’ Income Classification Act of 2019

“It is the policy of the State to provide an equitable and rational system of regular income classification of provinces, cities and municipalities that will reflect realistically their respective financial positions.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 250, The Land Administration Reform Act of 2019

“Land is the ultimate resource in sustaining life, and thus, good stewardship in land use is essential for present and future generations.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 249, The National Defense Act of 2019

“Hence, this bill is envisioned to update national defense policies, principles and concepts, to institutionalize needed improvements and to codify various laws on national defense, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the civilian bureaus, with the end in view of streamlining and further professionalizing our country’s defense department.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 248, Whistleblower Act of 2019

“This proposed legislation seeks to encourage whistleblowers to come out in the open and put an end to the corrupt practices of some government officials or employees. At the same time, it aims to strengthen the present machinery in ensuring the full protection and security of these brave witnesses against any form of retaliation or ostracism, and establish a rewards-and-benefits system in order to ensure the livelihood and welfare of these whistleblowers.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 247, Anti-Contraband in Prison Act of 2019

“The seeming continued proliferation of contraband in prison is an appalling show of contempt for our justice system, whose main purpose is to reform and rehabilitate inmates for their eventual return to society. A convicted criminal resists reformation when he is still exposed to the very objects that had caused his incarceration. Indeed, it would be difficult for an inmate to feel some remorse considering that he still has the comforts of home even when he is behind bars.”

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PingBills | Senate Bill 246, Real Property Valuation and Assessment Reform Act

“This proposal seeks to promote the development and maintenance of just, equitable, impartial and nationally consistent real property valuation by establishing appraisal standards, methods and procedures of property valuations and assessment. The bill’s enactment will assist the LGUs in maximizing revenue collections, which in turn will promote genuine local autonomy.”

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#PingSays: ‘Shared’ House Speakership; Death Penalty Bill; Sen. Bato | July 9, 2019

In an interview, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
possible effects of a ‘shared’ House Speakership
– possible ‘pork’ in the budget,Β amending the 1987 Constitution
– Senate’s continued independence even with ‘the President’s men’
– passage of death penalty bill
– Sen dela Rosa’s ‘S*** happens’ statement

Quotes from the interview…
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πŸ“° Editorial: Bank secrecy exemption [Philippine Star]


From The Philippine Star: As long as there are sectors pushing for a genuine anti-corruption campaign, proponents of the reform must not lose hope.

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PingBills | Senate Bill 30, The Anti-Political Dynasty Act of 2019

“It is hereby declared the policy of the State to guarantee equal access and opportunity to public office and service to the public. Towards this end, the Statte adopts a policy of prohibiting political dynasties … to give force and effect to this policy and prevent the concentration of political power to a limited few.”

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