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Military and uniformed personnel pension conundrum [BusinessMirror]

From BusinessMirror: Retirement pensions, especially for those who have served honorably in the AFP and other uniformed services, must be treated as a vital part of an incentive package for retirees as well as for those planning to serve the country through the profession of arms. This was the stand of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) “Matatag” Class of 1971 Inc. in its position paper.

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FREE-SIDENTIABLES: Lacson–Stomach in, chest out [BusinessMirror]

From Siegfred Mison in BusinessMirror: Senator Ping Lacson, with his stomach in-chest out” posture, lasted 50 years as a no-nonsense public servant with no whiff of corruption. Should he stay true to this bearing for the next six or so years, never wavering and by no means compromising, President Ping may well add another golden period to his already illustrious career.

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The Lacson-Sotto tandem [BusinessMirror]

From Manny Dooc’s column in BusinessMirror: Why not settle for Lacson and Sotto who are willing to run for the posts and ready to serve and assume office if elected?

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Finally, a senator’s quality gift for Filipinos [BusinessMirror]

From Federation of Philippine Industries chairman Dr. Jesus Arranza’s column in BusinessMirror: As FPI chair, I would like to thank the honorable senator for this long- awaited boost to our advocacy to promote consumer safety and local industry protection. Kudos to Lacson for a job well done.

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📰 Editorial Cartoon, BusinessMirror | July 4, 2019

0704-spml-bmirror-editorial cartoon

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The pork barrel monster [BusinessMirror]

Image courtesy: Roanoke Tribune

From Santiago F. Dumlao Jr. in BusinessMirror: The public has all along been aware of the reprehensible practices associated with the pork barrel system, and some senators, Sen. Panfilo Lacson Sr. specifically, indeed have refused their pork barrel allocation to publicly express their personal protest.

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Lacson: ‘Gaining headway’ in ridding budget of pork [BusinessMirror]


From BusinessMirror: “More than that, hopefully, I was able to enlighten the public because of the public discourse that transpired, for or against the outlawed pork barrel.”

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Where Lacson first planted the seeds of endearment [BusinessMirror]


From Cecilio Arillo’s column in BusinessMirror: It was during his early law-enforcement career when studious Sen. Panfilo “Ping” M. Lacson initially planted the seeds of endearment.

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A real public servant to watch [BusinessMirror]


From Cecilio Arillo’s column in BusinessMirror: With scandals of every size, make and shape breaking out one after the other involving high public officials, Lacson, famously known for his uncompromising nature against lawless elements, stood alone as a crusader against the multibillion-peso pork-barrel funds, whose insatiable correlation to political patronage, favoritism and corruption is known to everyone.

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