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#PingBills: Senate Bill 1898 breezes through the period of interpellation in the Senate

Senate Bill 1898, which Sen. Lacson sponsored on Aug. 14, 2018, was approved on second reading the next day. The bill gives the PNP the authority – and responsibility – to train police recruits.

Sen. Lacson’s Sponsorship Speech for Senate Bill 1898
At a Glance: SB 1898, Placing the Training of Police Recruits Under the PNP

Opening Prayer for the Senate Regular Session

“In thee, God of our delight, we stand in Thy presence as we praise Your holiness.
“Let no evil this day soil anybody’s thoughts, words and hands. Let no hearts be conformed to lying vanities.
“Go forth, conquering God, as we beseech Thee in the path of righteousness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Guarding Against ‘Pork’ in the 2019 Budget

With the policy statement issued by Speaker Arroyo concerning all the congressmen’s earmarks for their respective districts, expect a massive mangling of the National Expenditure Program (NEP).

If not checked, we will be back to the happy ‘pork barrel’ days of legislators in spite of the Supreme Court ruling outlawing the same.

Worse, all the planning involved in the preparation of the national budget will be rendered inutile to the detriment of the medium development plan of the national government, as well as the local development plans submitted by the local government units (LGUs).

I hope some like-minded colleagues in the Senate will also work overtime, as I am determined to do, in scrutinizing the House version of the appropriations bill to expose and slice whatever β€œpork” there is in whatever form and no matter how deeply hidden, with the end in view of preventing the return of this malevolent practice now declared unconstitutional with finality by the Supreme Court.


Interview on CNN Philippines | August 1, 2018

In an interview on CNN Philippines, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– Basilan bombing
– leadership row at the House of Representatives
– Senate unity on Charter change
– Mayor Sara Duterte and the political landscape

Quotes from the interview…Β  Continue reading “Interview on CNN Philippines | August 1, 2018”

πŸ“° Lacson: β€˜We’ll stand as one body, as the Senate’ [Manila Bulletin]


From the Manila Bulletin:”We will assert our role in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, as simple as that. Meaning, we’ll not enter into a joint session or convene into a joint session kung hindi malinaw na voting separately,” Sen. Lacson said.Β  Continue reading “πŸ“° Lacson: β€˜We’ll stand as one body, as the Senate’ [Manila Bulletin]”

Colleagues Fete Sen. Manny Pacquiao for Win over Lucas Matthysse πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ₯ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ‘


Sen. Lacson (second from right) joins colleagues in congratulating boxing champ Sen. Manny Pacquiao for defeating WBA Welterweight Champion Lucas Matthysse last July 15.Β πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ₯ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ‘

#PingSays: Senate to be united on Charter change issue | July 24, 2018

In an interview, Sen. Lacson said the Senate will have a united stand on the issue of Charter change.

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On the ‘Leadership Change’ at the House of Representatives

If only for the timing and manner the coup d’etat in the House of Representatives was carried out, I would say it was awkward, ugly, low and disgraceful. In a manner of speaking, even the traditionally symbolic mace was in a maze yesterday at the Batasan, not knowing whose authority it would represent between the two contending personalities.

Regardless of whether it was Rep. Arroyo or somebody else replacing the ousted Speaker, what happened yesterday is a strong argument against a parliamentary form of government where patronage politics plays a major, if not the only, role in selecting our country’s top leader.

If GMA’s ascension to the speakership is a prelude to becoming Prime Minister, they better think twice because the Senate, both majority and minority, have agreed to close ranks to defend and assert our role under the 1987 Constitution in revising or amending the same. That, I can say with certainty and conviction.


At the Opening of the Senate Session

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On Reported Plans to Postpone the May 2019 Polls via ‘People’s Initiative’

Nothing escapes the Senate’s participation. Thus, aside from Sec. 1 under Art XVII which provides for a Constituent Assembly and Constitutional Convention, Sec. 2, particularly Paragraph 2, which allows the direct participation of the people, shall likewise need the Senate to implement the same.

Hence, and I quote to preclude any misinterpretation:

SECTION 2. Amendments to this Constitution may likewise be directly proposed by the people through initiative upon a petition of at least twelve per centum of the total number of registered voters, of which every legislative district must be represented by at least three per centum of the registered voters therein. No amendment under this section shall be authorized within five years following the ratification of this Constitution nor oftener than once every five years thereafter.Β The Congress shall provide for the implementation of the exercise of this right.

Nothing could be clearer.

It goes without saying, majority of the senators, even those running for re-election, will fight tooth and nail any attempt to cancel the 2019 midterm elections simply because it is wrong and self-serving.