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On the ‘Committee of Two’ and Transparency Issues in the 2021 Budget Bill

I don’t agree on anything that is not transparent, especially if it concerns the national budget. While the bicameral conference committee may have been reduced to a “Committee of Two,” it is not exactly the case.

In fact, I already instructed my staff to coordinate closely with the Legislative Budget Research and Monitoring Office (LBRMO) on whatever movements of funds before the final version of the bill is presented to the bicam members for our signatures and approval.

Also, I practically demanded that I be furnished with a copy of the details of the Senate version before the convening of the bicameral conference, as what we had until yesterday morning was only the summary of the Senate version.

Having said all that, we already found some realignments that may seem questionable, based on our preliminary examination. For instance, while some of my recommended slash from the Department of Public Works and Highways’ budget was adopted, we also noticed at least P10 billion worth of infrastructure projects realigned within the same agency under the Senate version.

While we can identify the locations of the Senate-realigned projects, we may not be able to identify the senator-proponents. This is the reason why I have always called for transparency in all our individual amendments by posting the same on our official websites for the media and the public to see.

As I already stated, these are very preliminary even as we continue our scrutiny of the budget measure. Thus the importance of transparency cannot be emphasized enough.


GMRC Measure Tackled at the Bicameral Conference Committee Level


A measure on teaching GMRC to young learners during their formative years was tackled at the bicameral conference committee level on Feb. 26, 2020. Sen. Lacson (second from right, standing) is part of the Senate contingent. He authored SB 1185, which is part of the GMRC measure.

Other lawmakers at the meeting included Senators Win Gatchalian (Senate panel chair), Migz Zubiri, Risa Hontiveros and Joel Villanueva; and Reps. Roman Romulo (House panel chair), Stella Luz Quimbo, Resurreccion Acop, Evelina Escudero, and Jocelyn Fortuno.

‘Dapat Transparent!’ Bicameral Conference Meeting on 2020 Budget

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Representatives of the Senate and House met to discuss the passage of the P4.1-trillion 2020 budget. At the meeting, Sen. Lacson manifested for transparency, where the Senate and House will submit to each other the new amendments not yet included in their respective versions.

Sen. Lacson also said he expects the smooth and early passage of the 2020 budget bill, provided there is no move to introduce post-ratification amendments like in the 2019 budget. He also answered questions on issues regarding the SEA Games hosting, and the selection of a new PNP chief.

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Kapihan sa Senado forum | Nov. 21, 2019

At the Kapihan sa Senado forum, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– Hide and Seek: Pork spotted in the 2020 budget
– Situation of VP Robredo in the anti-drug war
– President Duterte’s ‘ban’ on vaping

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Interview on DZBB/GNTV: Dapat Isapubliko! Push for Transparency in the 2020 Budget | Nov. 5, 2019

In an interview on DZBB/GNTV, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– need for transparency in crafting the 2020 budget
– curbing pork amid growing national debt
– making enemies while fighting pork in the budget

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Interview on DWIZ | March 2, 2019

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– possible delay in the signing of the 2019 budget due to House’s post-ratification pork
– need to revisit RP-US Mutual Defense Treaty amid US State Secretary Pompeo’s assurance

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On the Delay in the Passage of the 2019 Budget

If you notice, the budget bill has not been transmitted to Malacañang in spite of the bicam report being ratified by both houses of Congress more than two weeks ago.

I have it on good information that the House leadership is still waiting for several congressmen to finalize the submission of their individual projects. This is not to mention that insertions and realignments were made even after the bicameral report ratification.

While technically speaking, it may not constitute post-legislation enactment since the President has not yet signed the budget measure, we can see clear abuse of discretion especially if done without the concurrence of the Senate; it is also an utter disregard of the Supreme Court’s 2013 landmark ruling.

This latest caper that the House leadership is trying to pull off may also constitute violation of the 1987 Constitution. I’ve talked to some congressmen who expressed anxiety that the pork barrel allocations of at least 60 congressmen were slashed post-bicam ratification.

Whatever it is, these are things that they do for greed. It’s a shame and revolting, to say the least.


Interview on DWIZ | Feb. 9, 2019

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on pork in the 2019 budget.

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Interview on DZBB | Feb. 3, 2019

In an interview on DZBB, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– more ‘talking heads’ after Reps. Bravo and Castro
– institutional vs individual amendments
– call to the public on the pork barrel issue

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Patas Dapat! Ping, Isinapubliko ang Institutional Amendments sa 2019 Budget


Dapat walang itinatago sa publiko at klaro ang mga detalye ng paglalaanan ng pambansang gastusin ng pamahalaan.

Ito ang matapang na panuntunan ni Senador Panfilo Lacson sa pagsapubliko ng kanyang institutional amendments sa 2019 national budget, na kasalukuyang tinatalakay ng bicameral conference committee.

“In the spirit of transparency, I instructed my staff to make public all my amendments in the 2019 national budget,” paglalahad ni Lacson sa kanyang Twitter account.

“I hope all proponents will do the same to remove all suspicions that the bicameral conference is a venue for sneaky horse trading among legislators,” dagdag ng mambabatas.

In the Spirit of Transparency: Lacson Details Institutional Amendments to 2019 Budget
List: Institutional Amendments Proposed by Sen. Lacson in the 2019 Budget
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