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Speech at the Induction and Handover Ceremonies of the Rotaract Club of Manila

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A famous American author, Napoleon Hill, once said – and allow me to quote: “The starting point of all achievement is desire.”

Indeed, it is an honor to join you tonight as guest speaker and inducting officer of the new batch of young leaders who have a burning desire to pursue Rotaract’s overarching goal of being our community’s “partners in service.”

Speaking of legacies, tonight’s gathering poses a short yet provoking challenge to everyone in this room with its theme, “leading a legacy.”

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On Abuses by Some PNP Personnel Amid Upcoming Hefty Pay Hike

Starting January 2019, when the salary increase of policemen takes effect in compliance with Joint Resolution No. 1, it bears watching if ‘kotong cops’ will disappear from the street corners and dark alleys and instead focus on their job of protecting and serving the people.

I have high hopes that it will materialize, since with all the benefits and unprecedented salary hike accorded to the military and uniformed personnel, thanks to the strong political will of President Rodrigo Duterte who almost singlehandedly pushed for the same, there is every reason for right-thinking police officers to love and secure their profession, not to mention to be motivated enough to show a debt of gratitude to their Commander-in-Chief who made an almost impossible legislation to pass.

Looking back, I can’t help but realize how we – starting from our cadetship in the Philippine Military Academy, all the way to retirement from the uniformed service, were fed, clothed, sheltered, and provided with all the logistical support and more – should have no reason whatsoever not to give back all we can, even our lives to government and the Filipino taxpayers who spent for all that we needed.

That is why it is deplorable, to say the least, when we hear of ranking military and police officers who abuse their positions, steal government funds, and even the meal allowances of their men.


Editorial: Exemplary leadership [People’s Journal]


From People’s Journal: Lacson practiced leadership by example when he headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001. Under his watch, the PNP became disciplined and efficient. This in turn earned Lacson and the PNP high approval marks from the public. “It is second to none. There is no substitute to it that I know of,” Lacson said of the principle of leadership by example.  Continue reading “Editorial: Exemplary leadership [People’s Journal]”

Interview on DWIZ | Oct. 27, 2018

In an interview on DWIZ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– situation of detained Sen. de Lima
– options for new Customs Commissioner Guerrero
– PNPA sex scandal as a ‘test case’ for the Anti-Hazing Law of 2018
– proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2018
– Sen. Honasan being eyed to head DICT

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Muling paghuli sa mga kotong cops: Magandang simula, dapat tuloy-tuloy!

Mula sa dating Chief PNP na nakapagpatino ng kapulisan: Pagbati sa magandang simula, at payo para maging tuloy-tuloy ito.


Para magtagumpay ang kampanya kontra krimen, dapat mawala ang tiwali sa PNP
Message to the incoming PNP chief

They Said It: Teddyboy Locsin on who’s the best PNP chief


Magandang simula, dapat tuloy-tuloy!
Para magtagumpay ang kampanya kontra krimen, dapat mawala ang tiwali sa PNP
Message to the incoming PNP chief

Speech at the 4th Pahinis Festival in Laua-an, Antique

You know, on the way here, I was talking to several people. Nagtanung-tanong din ako about Laua-an, and I came to a conclusion, if only Laua-an is the Republic of the Philippines, siguro masaya ang mga Pilipino.

One reason – I learned na walang utang ang munisipyo pero mayroon pang surplus na P13 million for this year, kaya sinabi ko, kung itong Laua-an ay Republika ng Pilipinas, sana wala tayong binabayaran na trilyon taun-taon sa WB, sa IMF, sa mga creditor banks kung saan-saan, year after year. We’re suffering a budget deficit of at least P200 billion, ang ibig sabihin nito, not only us but our children, our grandchildren will have to pay for the deficit, for the debt that wala naman silang kinalaman, na wala tayong kinalaman, ito’ y hiniram ng ating mga iba’t ibang administrasyon, tayo ngayon ang nagbabayad, tayo ang nagsa-suffer.  Continue reading “Speech at the 4th Pahinis Festival in Laua-an, Antique”

Speech before the General Assembly of the Philippine Printing Technical Foundation Inc.

Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati City

These are tough times we are living in. Every effort towards progress counts. And we must hurry as competition is kind only to the victor but cruel to the vanquished. Let us not be at the end of the line.

The print industry is a vital segment of the social structure and it can play an even greater role in the advancement of the nation. In the last 3 or 4 decades the Philippine print industry has turned into a shadow of its former glory. This may have been brought about by various extraneous factors but it also includes an amount of the complacency that gripped our nation after being one of the most advanced nations in the aftermath of the Great War.

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Challenges to Leadership

Speech Before the Junior Chamber of San Juan, Inc.
San Juan Pinaglabanan Jaycees

Last Saturday, I was with the Greater Davao Jaycees for their induction, and today with you for your own induction, too. When it comes to the Jaycees, Davao is never too far for me to go, and San Juan is never too familiar to be taken for granted. It is always an uplifting experience to see the vigor and enthusiasm of Jaycees. Thank you for making me a part of Jaycee life.  Continue reading “Challenges to Leadership”