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Haiyan: An Unforgettable Chapter in My Public Service Career [published in The Manila Times]

Sen. Lacson’s essay on Yolanda/Haiyan, five years after, as published in The Manila Times: “In sum, Haiyan is one chapter in my public service career I will never forget — extremely difficult, many times frustrating, yet satisfying only because I worked with very competent staff and consultants who didn’t mind the limitations imposed by our own government in all aspects.”  Continue reading “Haiyan: An Unforgettable Chapter in My Public Service Career [published in The Manila Times]”

📰 Property valuation reforms pushed by DOF [Manila Times]


From The Manila Times: Sen. Lacson’s Senate Bill 44 is one of the bills being backed by the Department of Finance to reform the country’s outdated property valuation system.

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Facts vs ‘Basta!’

I based my figure (PHP4.58 billion project cost as submitted by AECOM) on facts; Mr. Tiglao based his on opinion, and said “Basta” with an exclamation point. Pray tell me if it’s worth arguing with him.

For the longest time, the Senate has been renting the use of its building from the Government Service Insurance System, and its parking lot from the Social Security System. For nearly 20 years, it has been paying rental fees worth P127 million per year or P2.24 billion.

Thus, the cost of our lease payments have become enough to construct a permanent, iconic home for the Senate.

More importantly, this project is not for me or any member of the present Senate in the 17th Congress, but for the future generations of legislators and the Filipino people, just like the other iconic landmarks built by our forefathers that continue to symbolize our culture.



On the allegations made by Bobi Tiglao

With all due respect to Mr. Bobi Tiglao, he got his info wrong. One major consideration why AECOM won over Henning Larsen, their nearest competitor, and the three other finalists is their project cost which is the lowest at P4.58 billion (if I remember correctly).

Anyway, the P127-million-per-year rental that the Senate is paying GSIS for a subpar legislative building is our main reason for finding a need to look for a new and permanent home.

Having said that, several attempts were made to find a permanent home for the Senate in the past 18 years. It’s only now, after my colleagues tasked me in an adopted resolution as Accounts Committee Chair to make it happen.

I am one who makes sure to accomplish a task assigned to me. That has always been my training and I will not back down unless my colleagues tell me in another resolution to stop pursuing the same.


📰 Lacson downplays security, privacy ‘threats’ of national ID system [Manila Times]

National Identification System.031

From the Manila Times: Lacson said he found the claim of those saying that a national ID would infringe on people’s right to privacy inconsistent, noting that personal information are contained in passports, drivers’ licenses and other government issued IDs.

National ID bill may become law before end-June
National ID measure tackled at bicameral conference committee level

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📰 PCSO open to charter amendment [Manila Times]


From The Manila Times: THE Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is open to the proposal to reduce its mandatory contributions to other government agencies.  Continue reading “📰 PCSO open to charter amendment [Manila Times]”



From The Manila Times: CORRUPTION at the Bureau of Customs (BOC) is so extensive that “payoffs” collected by bureau personnel could wipe out the government’s budget deficit in just two years, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Tuesday. Continue reading “📰 ‘CUSTOMS BRIBES BIG ENOUGH TO WIPE OUT BUDGET DEFICIT’ [Manila Times]”

📰 The best of the Senate, the worst of the Senate [Manila Times]

From The Manila Times: Two senators, Richard Gordon and Panfilo Lacson Sr., demonstrated they were the best of the Senate, at par with the pre-martial law titans of that body such as Jovito Salonga, Jose Diokno, and yes, Benigno Aquino, Jr. If these two get to be presidential timber, I begin to have hope for our unlucky country.  Continue reading “📰 The best of the Senate, the worst of the Senate [Manila Times]”

📰 A new year and a new challenge for Panfilo Lacson [Sunday Times Magazine]


From The Sunday Times: Much has been said and written about Panfilo “Ping” Morena Lacson Sr., the 67-year-old statesman who was born out of humble beginnings in Imus, Cavite on June 1, 1948. A principled Caviteño ever since his youth, Lacson became a permanent fixture in the political landscape because of his love for country, and truth and justice.  Continue reading “📰 A new year and a new challenge for Panfilo Lacson [Sunday Times Magazine]”