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Lacson: Eleazar Starting Off on the Right Foot as new PNP Chief

With his intensified internal cleansing policy, P/Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar is starting off on the right foot as the new chief of the Philippine National Police, Senator and former PNP Chief Panfilo M. Lacson said Saturday.

Lacson, who pursued a similar program when headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001, particularly lauded Eleazar for including the recruitment system in his “intensified” internal cleansing system.

“The internal cleansing should be continuous. And P/Lt. Gen. Eleazar is right: it is good to start at the recruitment stage, to get rid of corruption and the ‘palakasan’ system,” Lacson said in an interview on DWIZ radio.

“He is starting off on the right foot. Before you can go after criminals, you have to make sure the ones running after the criminals aren’t criminals themselves,” he added.

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Gamboa Does a Ping [People’s Journal]

From Alfred Dalizon’s column in People’s Journal: During his tenure, Gen. Lacson ordered the relief of a police general who was caught playing golf in Baguio City despite his directive. That directive from Gen. Lacson made the headlines then.

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#PINGterview: Nasa Pangulo na ang Pag-Veto ng Pork sa 2020 Budget

In an interview on DWIZ Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– ‘early’ signing of the 2020 budget in January 2020
– reinstatement of cops acquitted in Maguindanao massacre case
– NPA hit list and anti-terror bill
– assessment of 2019 and expectations in 2020

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Speech at the 74th Anniversary of the PNP Crime Laboratory

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In both formal and informal occasions, I often stress that this is the point in my life where I certainly have more yesterdays than tomorrows. I tell you, as I gaze into my ‘yesterdays,’ I cannot help but realize how much has really changed in every aspect of our lives.

Let me share with you — in the late 1950s, when I was a young elementary student in a sleepy town of Imus, Cavite, I had a vivid memory of a lone policeman we simply referred to as “Kabo.”

He was a highly esteemed and respected man assigned to keep peace and order in our almost obscure barangay called Barrio Bayanluma then.

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Editorial: Exemplary leadership [People’s Journal]


From People’s Journal: Lacson practiced leadership by example when he headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001. Under his watch, the PNP became disciplined and efficient. This in turn earned Lacson and the PNP high approval marks from the public. “It is second to none. There is no substitute to it that I know of,” Lacson said of the principle of leadership by example.  Continue reading “Editorial: Exemplary leadership [People’s Journal]”

#PingTweets: After removing the height requirement for aspiring cops: Zero in on big bellies

tweet0120-pnpUnder Sen. Lacson’s leadership from 1999 to 2001, the Philippine National Police got high marks not only for bringing down criminality, but also for regaining public trust. One factor was a physical fitness program that required police personnel to maintain a waistline of 34 inches or less.

Height no longer a requirement for police aspirants (PNA)
Half the battle is won kung ang members ng pulis, DISIPLINADO.
Read: Senate Bill 1544, providing for the modernization of the PNP
Lacson bill to restore subpoena powers to PNP-CIU/CIDG

#PingSays: Sen. Lacson’s Advice to PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa

“Punuan ang mga naging pagkukulang at huwag kalilimutan na dahil armado at may kapangyarihan ang mga tauhan, hindi malayong ang iba sa mga ito ay gumawa ng kabalbalan.” – Sen. Lacson’s advice to Gen. dela Rosa

Lacson Bats for Commensurate Authority for PNP Chief

In the wake of reports that Philippine National Police funds are being diverted to bribe potential Palace allies, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson pushed Tuesday for “commensurate authority” for the chief of the PNP to prevent such irregularities from happening.  Continue reading “Lacson Bats for Commensurate Authority for PNP Chief”