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Setting the record straight [Malaya Business Insight]

To Malaya Business Insight: I wish to set the record straight regarding some points in Mr. Dody Lacuna’s October 3, 2023 column in Malaya Business-Insight, particularly where he mentioned some “details” of the kidnapping of Meneleo Carlos in 1994.

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Editorial: Lacson sticks to politics of principles [Malaya]

From Malaya: This is just to point out that the senator keeps his position on issues come what may, whether the ship keels over or sinks, and will doggedly hold on to the ideas and ideals that he backs, whoever gets hurt or whatever pressure is applied on him to change.

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Letter to the Editor: On Rey Arcilla’s column [Malaya Business Insight]

letter to the editor

To Malaya Business Insight: This refers to the column of former ambassador and Dean Reynaldo Arcilla, where he tried to inject political color into Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson’s recent statements on the Recto Bank incident at the West Philippine Sea.

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Editorial: Parked pork [Malaya]


From Malaya: We support Lacson’s advocacy of fighting the system of pork barrel which has metamorphosed into a more sophisticated mechanism of corruption, and hope that the Office of the Ombudsman and the two congressional chambers themselves could act in unison to stem impunity in the legislature. Continue reading “Editorial: Parked pork [Malaya]”

Editorial: Lacson’s advocacy [Malaya]


From Malaya: Sen. Panfilo Lacson has taken up the lonely fight of opposing pork barrel, also known as PDAF or DAP, or some such items in the General Appropriations Bill that smell like pork. Continue reading “Editorial: Lacson’s advocacy [Malaya]”

📰 Loathsome pork barrel [Malaya]

Thumbnail No to Pork Barrel

From Malaya: The good senator will definitely be encountering stiff resistance in his efforts not only from House members but also from some pork barrel-loving senators. He will need strong and moral support from President Rodrigo Roa Duterte aka Digong who is as determined as Lacson to stamp out corruption. Will Digong give it to him?  Continue reading “📰 Loathsome pork barrel [Malaya]”

Editorial: Quarrel over money [Malaya]


From Malaya: Two leaders of the House of Representatives nearly came to blows during a heated debate over money and pork last Monday. This was how Sen. Panfilo Lacson, the indefatigable opponent of the pork barrel, described what happened in the lower chamber when the congressmen were discussing, or fighting over, the national budget measure.  Continue reading “Editorial: Quarrel over money [Malaya]”