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On Charter change moves: One chamber cannot unilaterally decide for both houses


Senators close ranks, won’t attend joint session without authorization
Nagkasundo na ang mga senador
Read: Senate Resolution 580,Β constituting the Senate into a constituent assembly

On Reported Scenarios Involving Charter Change

The opposition need not invent the best antidote to Charter change. No less than the two leaders of both houses of Congress have started campaigning against it, albeit subliminally.

Floating a no-el and term extension scenario, as recent history would suggest, won’t help their advocacy to shift to a federal form of government, inevitably via an amendment of the Constitution.


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At the Special Joint Session of Congress

Sen. Lacson attended the special joint session of Congress on July 22, 2017. Senators voted 16-4 in favor of extending martial law over Mindanao until Dec. 31, 2017.


Before the session started, Sen. Lacson met with fellow lawmakers.

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Sen. Lacson also joined a meeting of top Congress leaders before the special joint session. With Senate President Koko Pimentel; and Senators Tito Sotto and Gringo Honasan.

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