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On the Rumored Mass Resignation of DND Officials

First, the Philippine National Police already clarified last weekend the reason for its supposed heightened alert status – it was for another purpose, not related to any destabilization or the rumored “mass resignation” of DND officials which as it turned out is just that – rumor.

Department of National Defense OIC Jose Faustino Jr., newly designated AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Andres Centino and newly retired Lt. Gen. Bartolome Bacarro, along with two or three DND undersecretaries, all belong to PMA Class 1988. Even among PMA batchmates, sometimes there are dynamics due to personal associations and loyalties that cannot be avoided. There is information though that OIC and Senior DND Undersecretary Faustino mentioned to some close associates as early as last month that he will resign if Lt. Gen. Bacarro will be replaced. That could have probably triggered the rumored “mass resignation” in the DND.

That being said, the AFP is generally composed of professional officers and men whose loyalty to the flag and the Constitution is above and beyond their individual preferences.