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Simple, Cheap and Effective: Contact Tracing Solutions from LGUs that the DOH Can Adopt

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Simple technologies that we now take for granted may yet be the biggest help in fighting the spread of COVID-19, as shown by the initiatives of at least two local governments.

In Carmona, Cavite, the local government under Mayor Roy Loyola has developed a contact tracing app – the Carmona COVID-19 Tracker. The app, which works on Android and iOS, can use the mobile phone’s GPS to track users’ location history.

The app allows users to log interactions with other people; and do self-assessment if they experience symptoms. In just a few days of implementation, the local government has already signed up 42,000 out of the municipality’s 97,557 residents. For those without smartphones, the local government’s barangay and police personnel can input the information for them.

Meanwhile, in Baguio City, the local government under Mayor Benjamin Magalong is doing contact tracing using the EndCovid-19 system, which relies on the geographical information system (GIS) platform to plot the areas where possible COVID-19 carriers live – similar to that which he introduced when he was Cordillera regional police chief.

Combined with cognitive interviews and analytical tools, the system has made Baguio City a model for contact tracing.

With these technologies, we can potentially save P11.7 billion being asked by the Department of Health for contact tracers. I share Senate President Vicente Sotto III’s sentiment that there are more practical uses for the amount. These may include livelihood programs for those affected by the COVID-triggered lockdowns, among others.

Our national agencies, including the Department of Health, need not look far for contact tracing solutions that are effective, yet are not intrusive. Instead, they must take a cue from our LGUs. Especially given our limited resources, they can do no less.


πŸ“° Lacson’s budget bill to benefit Baguio, LGUs [SunStar Baguio]


From SunStar Baguio: Senator Panfilo Lacson assured that Baguio City and all local government units in the country will benefit from the Budget Reform for Village Empowerment (BRAVE) Act he filed in the Senate.

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Speech at the 110th Charter Anniversary of Baguio City

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It is an honor to join you today as you celebrate the City’s 110th Charter Anniversary.

Baguio has come a long way since the 1900s, when it was still a cold, idyllic marshland in the Cordillera mountains. Its history tells us that the city, nestled within the highlands, is a β€œmine of gold” – literally and figuratively.

Literally, it was the lure of Igorot gold in the Cordilleras that drew in the Spanish conquistadores and the Americans in the region. Figuratively, the rich culture of our indigenous peoples, panoramic views and abundant resources make for Baguio’s golden value as a tourist destination.

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🌐 Lacson tells village dads to properly use gov’t funds [PNA]

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From the PNA: Sen. Lacson said LGUs must be informed about the sources of funds for their local development plans to avoid poor planning in the budget preparation that often leads to lump sums, realignments, insertions and unused appropriations.

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At the Hearing on Proposed Changes to the 1987 Constitution

At the Senate’s regional consultative hearing on Charter change in Baguio City, Sen. Lacson stressed the need for empowering LGUs. Even without amending the Charter, he noted this can be done.
In 2016, Lacson filed Senate Bill 40, the Budget Reform for Village Empowerment Act of 2016. The bill seeks to “end the culture of mendicancy and political patronage” while helping Filipinos realize the “elusive inclusive growth.”

LGU, direktang dadaluyan ng pondo sa panukala ni Ping
Lacson files LGU-empowering budget reform bill to achieve inclusive growth