On the Challenges Facing a Leader

Sailing into the sea is the easiest decision to make. Not knowing how rough the water is the dangerous part. Measuring one’s skills in steering the boat is a big responsibility especially when people’s lives depend on it. Best to think long and hard. It is not a game or a joke.

This applies to everyone, actually. Consider the following:

* Outstanding national debt of P10.774 trillion as of March 2021, ballooning to P10.991 trillion as of April 2021

* 3.44 million Filipinos out of jobs as of March 2021

* Shortfall in revenue collections, with revenues at P2.84 trillion already including non-tax revenues like dividends, fees, etc., compared to the original target of P3.25 trillion, based on the Development Budget Coordination Committee’s 2019 projections for the 2020 General Appropriations Act.

Then there’s the continued uncertainty of the pandemic situation in the country and the whole world, not to mention a whole lot of other problems that will confront the next administration like the West Philippine Sea, illegal drugs, corruption and even issues surrounding the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, and God knows what else.