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Lacson-Sotto Caravan in Calabarzon

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The Lacson-Sotto tandem visited areas in Calabarzon via a caravan on May 7, 2022. With them were senatoriables Minguita Padilla and Guillermo Eleazar.

Lacson: Lockdowns to Help Curb Spike in COVID Cases Should be Time-Bound

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While suggestions for stricter lockdowns to curb the continuing increase in COVID cases may make sense at this time, such lockdowns should be time-bound to protect a still-battered economy, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said Friday.

Lacson said an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)-type lockdown whose length is “open-ended” can threaten to kill the economy that has yet to recover from a similar measure last year.

“I would support a time-bound ECQ-type lockdown but only in areas with an unusually high number of COVID infections, so as not to further punish an already suffering economy. For now, these may include identified areas in Metro Manila, Calabarzon and Central Visayas as the daily records would indicate,” Lacson said.

The time-bound nature will allow the business sector to “plan in advance their way forward and make adjustments in their business activities like production, marketing and the like,” he added.

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On the Deadly Raids in Calabarzon

When the Commander-in-Chief barks out an order, the commanders of the troops must dish out clear guidelines on how to carry out such anti-insurgency operations to make sure that they target only the armed combatants.

It goes without saying that the only legal justification to kill an adversary is in defense of oneself or another person.

That said, it may not be proper to make premature conclusions and claims about the Calabarzon raids at this time, lest they affect the conduct of official investigations by the appropriate agencies.