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On Age-Based Restriction in COVID-19 Quarantine

Many senior citizens are far healthier and have stronger immune systems than their younger counterparts. To indiscriminately prohibit them from going out of their homes is not only arbitrary. It is downright insensitive.

Just to give credence to my argument: Ang ibang male Senate staff ko nga na di hamak na mas bata kesa sa akin, hindi makasabay sa akin pag gumagamit ako ng stairs paakyat sa sixth floor office ko. Yung iba naman, laging may sipon at laging uubo-ubo. Samantalang ako, laging malakas ang immune system.

Did those behind such a blanket age-based restriction think the idea through thoroughly? If they think they did, they should have their heads examined first by Dr. Clarita Avila – the chief administrative officer of the National Center for Mental Health who was gagged before being “demoted” and reassigned to the Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Las Piñas City by authority of the Secretary of Health, for issuing updates on the COVID-19 situation in the facility – before coming out with inconsiderate ideas like this latest one.

The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases may need to rethink this policy such that it does not impose unfair restrictions on seniors, especially those who are physically fit. The dire question is: When will we see other sweeping and irrational moves?