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On the Reported Call by the UN’s Human Rights Chief to Investigate President Duterte over Admission He Killed Criminals in Davao while Mayor

Apparently, the UN rights chief is not familiar with the Philippine Constitution and our laws.

First, our president enjoys immunity from suit during his term. Second, no matter how many times a person in our country admits having committed murder, as long as there is no other evidence to corroborate his extra judicial confession, the case cannot stand in any court of law.

That UN official can shout to high heavens to investigate the president but unfortunately for him, he can’t get past that call.


Speech Before the Freemasons of Davao

This is my second time to speak before Freemasons. In November last year, I had the distinct honor of addressing another group of honorable and principled brotherhood in Manila.  Continue reading “Speech Before the Freemasons of Davao”