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Senators scrap Faeldon’s ethics case vs Lacson [Inquirer]

photo0220-002From the Inquirer: “It’s clearly a forum shopping,” Sen. Drilon said of the complaint against Sen. Lacson.

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Interview on DZMM | Sept. 19, 2017

In an interview on DZMM, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– Wholesale tara at BOC
– Kicking the Friday 3 p.m. habit under the new leadership

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#PingSays: On the ethics complaint and ongoing hearings on corruption at BOC | Sept. 18, 2017

“It’s not even an irritant. Mahilig sa drama eh.”

#PingSays: On the ethics complaint | Sept. 18, 2017

“But again, that’s his right. He can file and file and file and file. Ang response ko sa kanya, I’m also filing a criminal case against him sa Ombudsman.”

#PingTweets: On choosing between an ethics complaint and exposing endemic corruption

On Ex-Commissioner Faeldon’s Plan to File an Ethics Complaint

It is the right of anybody to file an ethics complaint against any senator. In fact, that was the advice to him by Sen. Gordon when he visited him in his detention place.

The Constitution, however, is clear on the matter. Thus, Article VI states:
SECTION 11. A Senator or Member of the House of Representatives shall, in all offenses punishable by not more than six years imprisonment, be privileged from arrest while the Congress is in session. NO MEMBER SHALL BE QUESTIONED NOR BE HELD LIABLE IN ANY OTHER PLACE FOR ANY SPEECH OR DEBATE IN THE CONGRESS OR IN ANY COMMITTEE THEREOF.

Therefore, it is his right to waste bond paper and ink. Anyway, he has the money to pay his lawyers even if it’s tantamount to an exercise in futility and stupidity.


At the Senate Ethics Committee Hearing

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With Senators Risa Hontiveros, Tito Sotto, Gringo Honasan, and Franklin Drilon

Face the Issue (Part 2)

This will be a short privilege speech. At the outset I would like to thank the minority leader for yielding the floor to this representation and likewise to the lady senator from Antique.

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Lacson Will Hear Ethics Cases Simultaneously

Putting brawn on the Senate committee on ethics, Senator Panfilo M. Lacson today said he would conduct concurrent hearings on at least three complaints pending before the Senate body.  Continue reading “Lacson Will Hear Ethics Cases Simultaneously”