Tag: Expanded Anti-Wiretapping Act of 2016

Read: Senate Bill 1210: Expanded Anti-Wire Tapping Act of 2016

Prepared jointly by the Committees on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs and National Defense and Security

Sponsorship Speech for SB 1210 (Expanded Anti-Wiretapping Act of 2016)

Mr. President, fellow members of this august chamber, I have the honor to report on the Senate floor Senate Bill No. 1210, entitled β€œAn Act Expanding the Scope and Coverage of Republic Act No. 4200, otherwise known as an Act to Prohibit and Penalize Wire Tapping and other Related Violations of the Privacy of Communication, and for Other Purposes,” as embodied in Committee Report No. 4, in substitution of Senate Bills 21, 48, 871 and 950.

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