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In support of equal opportunities for all

Speech during the Midyear Session of the Philippine Dental Association, Baguio City

It has been a privilege to be working with you for the passage of the Philippine Dental Act. Not only have our interactions been most pleasant; it is always nice to see so many smiling faces with pearly white teeth.

In the same breath, let me add the observation that proper dental care has become a luxury for most Filipinos, particularly the poor. But what of course is even more pathetic is that proper health care has become a luxury as well, inaccessible and unaffordable to most.

Our interaction for the passage of the Philippine Dental Act showed how cooperation between lawmakers and civil society can result in responsible legislation that benefits all.  Continue reading “In support of equal opportunities for all”

Investing in good governance in the interest of equal opportunity for all

Speech during the 8th Annual Convention, Philippine Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Manila Hotel

Thank you for inviting me to share my experience in public service, almost two years as chief of our national police and seven as a Philippine legislator.

There have been extraordinary strides in health practices during the last fifty years – vaccines, better equipment, we even have the opportunity to reclaim the fountain of youth.

We, who are present in this pavilion, are living in relatively blessed circumstances for outside this place, real problems beset a great number of Filipinos.  Continue reading “Investing in good governance in the interest of equal opportunity for all”

Sponsorship Speech for the Anti-Red Tape Bill

Red tape has been a systemic encumbrance to improving the environment of business and industry and increasing the competitiveness of the Philippine economy. Characterized by superfluous and deterring procedures, red tape had burdened the impact produced by our valuable time and financial resources and has led to the apparent ineptitude of government agencies in developing programs for the Filipino interests.  Continue reading “Sponsorship Speech for the Anti-Red Tape Bill”

Political Will in Public Service: The Moral Equivalent of War

Speech during the City Youth Convention of Student Leaders, Holy Name University, Tagbilaran, Bohol

First I want to congratulate you for a very successful convention. I am told this is a pioneering work. And you did it. Ako ay taospusong nagpapasalamat sa inyong pag-aanyaya. Lalong lalo na kay Project Chairperson David Maulas, CSO President Eduardo Padua, at Adviser Joan Llanos.

There is nothing more inspiring than to speak before the future leaders of our country. Kaya ako po uli ay nagpapasalamat.

I graduated from the Philippine Military Academy in 1971, long before you were conceived. As a young cadet in the Philippine Military Academy, the first lesson I learned was this: Principle first before anything else. It is principle that can make you into a positive activist and a constructive militant. But before I proceed further, let me tell you how I got to study in the Academy in Baguio City.  Continue reading “Political Will in Public Service: The Moral Equivalent of War”

Past, Imperfect/Future, Tense: The Road Ahead For The Philippines

Speech before Filipino-Indian Chamber of Commerce

I am very honored tonight to address your chamber. But the real honor belongs to the new leaders of the chamber. Tonight is their night. Tonight begins the first night of the rest of their lives. To them I convey my best wishes!

The invitation of President Ram Sitaldas was very forthright. In fact, he asked me to cover the subject he bluntly described as Past Imperfect, Future Tense. He made no reference to the present. Thus, I assume that the present is both imperfect and tense…

President Sitaldas is right. The imperfect past is a reality made permanent by history. Our most reasonable response can only be this: there is no saint without a past. Time to leave our past to God’s mercy.  Continue reading “Past, Imperfect/Future, Tense: The Road Ahead For The Philippines”

This Empire of Darkness

Commencement Exercises of Sultan Kudarat Polytechnic State College

Nothing in this world gives parents the highest sense of achievement than to witness the graduation of their children. When children graduate from school, we know that parents have arrived.

Show me your parents and I will tell you who you are. Congratulations to all the parents of our graduating students.

The next class of people I want to congratulate are the teachers. They are our extended parents.  Continue reading “This Empire of Darkness”

Good Governance 2001, When Excuses Must End

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu

This is my first public address as Senator. It is done not in the halls of the Senate but right here in my second home – Cebu City. And I am delivering it before my constituents and brethren- the Rotarians.

I feel at home. I really do.  Continue reading “Good Governance 2001, When Excuses Must End”