On the Public Apology Issued by Former ISAFP Chief Victor Corpus

Ex-ISAFP chief Victor Corpus makes a long overdue apology on a talk show on Global News Network.
Video courtesy Facebook page of Punto de LabraΒ 

It’s long in coming. Nevertheless, I still appreciate his gesture of humility and courage in doing so. Needless to say, I accept his apology.

Yes, I was informed that ex-ISAFP Chief Victor Corpus has finally admitted publicly that he had unjustly wronged me by being taken for a ride by a “fraud,” obviously referring to Angelo “Ador” Mawanay, who himself had retracted 13 years earlier, even pointing to those who were responsible in suborning him to commit perjury against me.

In the spirit of fairness and balanced reporting, I think it is but proper and decent for those who relied heavily on their statements, as the central characters responsible for incessantly maligning my reputation to follow suit, or at least make amends, not pecuniarily, but simply to restore the moral damage they have done to my dignity and honor.


The Lighthouse that Brought Darkness

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues:

Today, I rise on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

Two years ago, the country was caught in a political maelstrom brought about by revelations arising from the voice tapes taken of a man and a woman, the identities of whom have since been laid public.

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National Security

Speech Before the Rotary Club of Downtown Batangas

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