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Message to the National Bureau of Investigation at Its Flag-Raising Ceremony

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Director Dante Gierran, mga namumuno sa NBI, mga kawani ng Bureau, magandang umaga sa ating lahat. For the first time in many years, I’m with a friendly National Bureau of Investigation.

I have an amusing story to tell.  When I was a young kid of six, probably seven years of age, I have always dreamt of becoming an NBI agent. From numerous life-threatening exploits narrated by my late grandfather, who fought the Spaniards at a very young age as a Katipunero in our historic province of Cavite, I became instantly fascinated by people whose bread and butter was risking their lives to fight for their country.

The moment I first set my bare foot at the soil of our barrio’s one and only elementary school, my mind was already set on becoming a lawyer someday, not to prosecute or defend litigants in the judicial process but to simply become a regular agent of the National Bureau of Investigation.

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