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On VP Robredo’s Announced Bid to Run for President

Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III and I have agreed that we will rise on our own merits, and not to comment on our political rivals in the May 2022 elections.

We will focus only on presenting ourselves and our competencies to the electorate in an effort to get elected based on our own strengths, and not on the deficiencies of the others.

We will raise the level of discourse of the campaign and deal with issues rather than personalities. We intend to keep it that way, even as we encourage our supporters to follow our lead.


Letter to the Editor: A united front [BusinessWorld]

To BusinessWorld: We wish to set the record straight regarding some comments made by Mr. Oscar Lagman, Jr. in his column (“Presidential wannabe Ping Lacson’s proposal is ill-conceived,” August 16, 2021).

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On the VP’s Acceptance of the Challenge to Handle the Anti-Drug Campaign

Kudos to Vice President Robredo. I take my hat off to her for accepting the daunting challenge. Nobody in this world cannot be incapable of accomplishing a task as long as he or she puts his or her mind and conscience into the job.

Experience counts but sincerity and mental honesty, not to mention the willingness to learn, should count more. We should all give her the support she needs to contribute her share in battling this pestering problem of illegal drugs that destroys lives, families and the youth to whom we will bequeath the future of our beloved country.

In my case, I am ready and willing to humbly share whatever modest law enforcement experience I gained in my previous life.