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Read: Senate Resolution 533, Seeking an Inquiry on Issues Surrounding the Malampaya Deep Water Gas-to-Water Project

Image: CTTO

“Given the critical role of Malampaya in the country’s energy and overall national development, it is imperative for Congress and the Filipino public to be apprised of the: (1) plans of government for SC 38 given its looming expiration and Malampaya’s declining output; and (2) compliance of government and the consortium with PD 87 and SC 38.” (co-author with Senators Sotto and Gatchalian)

Lacson: Wasteful projects worth P583 billion [Inquirer]


From the Inquirer: “We’re either overtaxed or underserved, or both,” said Lacson, who opened a can of worms this month when he discussed last-minute insertions of multibillion-peso allocations for the districts of favored lawmakers in the proposed P3.8-trillion budget for 2019. Continue reading “Lacson: Wasteful projects worth P583 billion [Inquirer]”