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At the Joint Session of Congress to Take Up the Extension of Martial Law in Mindanao

Sen. Lacson attended the special joint session of Congress on Dec. 13, 2017, where senators voted 14-4 in favor of extending martial law over Mindanao until Dec. 31, 2018.

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On the Now-Declassified Video Showing Maute Planning the Marawi Rebellion

Since the Armed Forces of the Philippines has already declassified the confiscated video showing how Maute planned the Marawi City rebellion, I think I can now disclose that this video footage, among other disclosures in the security briefing made by top security officials of the Duterte administration during our executive caucus, is what made me decide to vote in favor of the martial law proclamation in Mindanao.

Further, I conclude that our colleagues who still oppose the martial law proclamation either did not understand the gravity of the security threat posed by the rebellion in the south, or they are simply opposed to anything that President Duterte does or acts on.


On the Money Recovered from a Maute Stronghold in Marawi City

The authorities should milk that cash recovery with all the valuable intelligence information that our troops may put into good use with possibly identifying the financiers of the Maute terrorists that attacked Marawi City and other co-conspirators.

For one, the owner of the establishment where the monies were recovered should be background investigated at the very least. Or, that could be the loot taken by the Maute attackers from the banks in Marawi City.

Either way, I take my hat off to our soldiers. No matter how battle-weary they are and considering the risk of life they’re going through, they were not tempted with the prospect of a comfortable life for themselves and their families. Instead, and stuck to their honor and integrity as professional members of the AFP.