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“What a Mess: A Dumping Ground of Garbage and Drugs”

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We spend a great deal of taxpayers’ money for an automated processing system, x-ray scanners, even for brokers’ accreditation, not to mention fairly high salaries for seasoned military men at the helm of the Bureau of Customs. But at the end of the day – all our efforts be damned — we are still one hell of a mess.

Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, I rise before you on a matter of personal and collective privilege.

To say that our country is treated like trash appears to be true, as in literally, amid news reports of tons of waste being illegally shipped into our lands, no thanks to local and foreign smugglers, unscrupulous Customs brokers and corrupt Customs officials.

At a Glance: A Dumping Ground of Garbage and Drugs
“KITA KITA” (sa Customs): Paglahad sa Payola sa Bureau of Customs
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