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Hearing on the Upgrading of LTO Extension Offices and on Public Service Franchises

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At the hearing, Sen. Lacson reminded applicants for renewal of public service franchises not to fall for unscrupulous parties using his name to seek “amounts or favors” in exchange for renewal of their franchises.

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Dreams and the Right Direction

Speech Before the 39th Collegiate Commencement Exercises
Masbate Colleges

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Doing What We Say: Speech at PNP Night

Police General Ping Lacson headed the PNP from 1999 to 2001.

Speech at PNP Night tendered by the Manila Overseas Press Club
Manila Hotel Ballroom

This is the first time I am given the privilege to address the prestigious Manila Overseas Press Club. This privilege comes on my ninth month as Chief of the Philippine National Police. Hence, I have chosen to deal on what we have been doing so far. I hope to touch also on some problems confronting the PNP.

What exactly are the responsibilities of the policeman and policewoman, regardless of rank, position and place of duty? These are three. One, to prevent crime together with the community. Two, to solve crime according to the mandates of our Criminal Justice System. Three, and while doing both, to live a simple, decent, and dignified life both as a person and as a professional.

These responsibilities are demanded by the nature of the police service. They are, in fact, the highest expectations by the Filipino people. Interestingly, our people have also made known the priorities that PNP should take. One, stopping illegal drugs. Two, breaking up organized, syndicated crime. Three, cleansing the police.

Let me first dispose of these three priorities in the minds and hearts of our people.

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