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Read: Republic Act 11059, An Act Establishing a Retirement Benefit System in the Office of the Ombudsman

Republic Act 11059 establishes a retirement benefit system in the Office of the Ombudsman. Sen. Lacson’s Senate Bill 1638, which was consolidated into Senate Bill 1762, is part of the new law.

Read: Senate Bill 1638, An Act Seeking to Strengthen the Office of the Ombudsman via a Retirement Benefit System

Senate Bill 1638 strengthens the Office of the Ombudsman by establishing a retirement benefit system for the Ombudsman, his/her deputies, the special prosecutor and other officials and employees performing legal, prosecution, investigation and corruption prevention functions. It also seeks to augment employees’ benefits.

Given the indispensable role of the Office of the Ombudsman in the eradication of graft and corruption, it is only but fitting to provide them with a competitive retirement scheme commensurate and comparable to other officials and employees in government performing equally vital functions.”