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On the Reported ‘Direct Hand’ of Mayor Sara Duterte in the House’s Leadership Change

If talks about Mayor Sara Duterte having a direct hand and influence in the change of House leadership were true, it may not speak well of President Duterte’s much-touted “strong leadership.”

Any power or authority delegated outside the official chain of the government bureaucracy should not only be discouraged, but challenged and checked at the soonest possible opportunity.

We should not have a repeat of our past experiences under the previous administrations from Marcos to PNoy, where persistent talks of interventions and influence-peddling by relatives of sitting presidents did not help any in the efficient and smooth management of state affairs.


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On the ‘Leadership Change’ at the House of Representatives

If only for the timing and manner the coup d’etat in the House of Representatives was carried out, I would say it was awkward, ugly, low and disgraceful. In a manner of speaking, even the traditionally symbolic mace was in a maze yesterday at the Batasan, not knowing whose authority it would represent between the two contending personalities.

Regardless of whether it was Rep. Arroyo or somebody else replacing the ousted Speaker, what happened yesterday is a strong argument against a parliamentary form of government where patronage politics plays a major, if not the only, role in selecting our country’s top leader.

If GMA’s ascension to the speakership is a prelude to becoming Prime Minister, they better think twice because the Senate, both majority and minority, have agreed to close ranks to defend and assert our role under the 1987 Constitution in revising or amending the same. That, I can say with certainty and conviction.


On the incident at the Batasan


Interview on DZIQ | Jan. 26, 2018

In an interview on DZIQ, Sen. Lacson answered questions on:
– Charter change
– PCSO’s STL being used as front
– Atio Castillo hazing death
– Message to the public

Senators united stance on the issue of Charter change
PCSO’s problems with illegal gambling operators
Sponsorship Speech for Committee Report 232 and Senate Bill 1662

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